William Hill has to cough up a record $23.7 million fine for failing to protect consumers and stopping money laundering after the UK-based betting group let a customer deposit 23,000 pounds in 20 minutes without any checks.

This is the biggest penalty ever issued by Britain’s Gambling Commission, and it is to address what the regulator describes as “widespread and alarming” failings in the company.

It is also a serious message to the gambling industry that the need to ensure consumer protection and anti-money laundering systems is a priority.

It is no longer a world of “park at your own risk” for the gambling sector, and one of Brazil’s online Betting sites, ONWIN, is showing a good understanding of this as it pushes to break into international waters.

ONWIN: Putting Customers First

ONWIN has a lot to offer bettors, including great odds, 100% matched deposits, amazing welcome bonuses, live streaming, and numerous betting opportunities.

However, a stand-out quality is its determination to be completely on guard in preventing cases of money laundering and financing of terrorism as well as protecting customers from financial threats or financial self-harm.

Complying with AML-KYC regulations, keeping a secure list of registered players, limiting deposits to a specific amount, and preventing underage players from using their services are just some of the means the online sports betting site employs.

There are also numerous strategies in place at ONWIN to assist bettors in making responsible wagers and getting assistance if things start to go south.

They include Self Exclusion or Time Out, Reality Checks, Time Limits, Access to account history, and Card Restrictions (i.e., imposing a cap on how much one can spend).

ONWIN’s 100% Welcome Bonus and More

There are many advantages to betting through ONWIN. It offers exciting promotions to new clients, such as 100% welcome bonuses of up to $380 in Live Casino and $47 in Bingo.

As a result, the consumer feels as though they have already won before they even begin playing.

Each consumer receives a 100% bonus on their initial Bitcoin (BTC) or Tether (USDT) deposit. These coins will earn a 30% bonus on subsequent deposits. On three consecutive deposits, LTC, DOGE, and USDC each receive a 40% bonus, while TRX and USDC get a 50% bonus.

Another advantage is that customers can browse a huge range of esports and betting possibilities without having to register, which is not true of most betting services. You will, however, be required to register when you eventually decide to place a bet.

Final Thoughts

Although it’s a good idea for modern consumers to approach their dealings with the notion of caveat emptor (let the buyer beware), most gambling operators today are motivated to prioritize protecting their customers since they are held to higher standards by different governments.

This not only sets ONWIN apart as one with their customers’ welfare at heart, but it also saves them from encountering similar trouble as William Hill. Looking out for competitive gambling and great deposit bonuses shouldn’t be all that one needs from their bookie; your safety should come first-even if it is from yourself.

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