Last year, the popularity of cryptocurrency presales gave investors a compelling option to know more about intriguing projects before they go public. Pre-sales are hazardous by nature, but if the project is successful and becomes public on a cryptocurrency exchange, they can offer great rewards.

Mookey’s mission: Cutest and Coolest token of 2023 Helping plant trees globally

MOOKY is a token that is held by the community, and its governance is determined by a DAO vote. Ownership of the platform is held by token holders.

Pre-sale for MOOKY is presently in beta testing. Be a market pioneer for the prettiest community-owned Defi meme coin that is about to take off!

The cutest and coolest meme token of 2023 is MOOKY! To improve our environment and ignite change, we will assist in planting trees across the globe.

Since Mooky has 0% tax, there are no slippage requirements for buying or selling. The best choice for the community is low-tax tokens. For two years, liquidity will be trapped. No VC or private sale, and no team tokens.

3D Mooky NFTs that are incredibly original and useful! Each NFT also has a trackable connection to a tree that was planted in the real world. You can join the Mooky Ventures club if you own a legendary or exceptionally rare card! Today, give it a try! Create one of our unique NFTs.

The Ventures club provides a special benefit for owners of legendary and ultra-rare NFTs. Take advantage of our collaboration platforms’ bimonthly airdrops, products, and passive revenue from our investment portfolio. Observe it all on a dashboard!

How do cryptocurrency pre-sales work?

Lucky Block Due to its intrinsic price potential, those who are pondering how to invest in cryptocurrencies for the greatest returns may naturally gravitate toward crypto presales. In a nutshell, presales for cryptocurrencies are a mechanism for development teams to raise money and increase the “buzz” surrounding a future crypto project. These presales take place before the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and typically provide tokens at a discounted price.

The presale method Tamadoge provided in late 2022 is an excellent illustration of a typical presale cryptocurrency process. The highly anticipated project raised $19 million in its initial presale round, with early investors able to buy TAMA tokens for as little as $0.01 before the project ever reached exchanges.

Then, TAMA’s price skyrocketed to $0.194, rising to the top three meme coins by trading value, and the initial investors saw gains of almost 2,000%.

Even though this is unquestionably a good example, many crypto crowdsales never get off the ground. A lot of dishonest people have also entered the market as a result of the popularity of cryptocurrencies to profit quickly and simply.

As a result, before investing in a presale project, investors must do extensive research to make sure it is reliable and has good potential.

The Best New Crypto Token Presales: Where to Find Them

Did you know that the greatest way to invest in cryptocurrency in 2023 is through presales? Effective marketing can increase a project’s awareness and raise a significant amount of money, as seen by the crypto vault presale earlier this year. Though not all presales are made equal, knowing where to look for projects with great potential is essential.


Pre-sales are inherently risky, but if done correctly, they can provide profits that outperform the market, creating yet another intriguing investing opportunity.

The world’s first dedicated Web3 mobile gaming network, Meta Masters Guild, is our top pick for the greatest crypto presale ventures. Tokens are now being sold for $0.010 in the second round of the presale, but the price will rise to $0.023 after seven rounds.