US markets have plunged to a two-month low, a performance hitting not only traditional financial markets but cryptocurrency markets too. Many established coins are finding that gains made in early 2023 have slowed, with some losing value over the past few weeks.

Arbitrum (ARB) and Avalanche (AVAX) are two coins that have lost ground as financial markets struggle, unlike TMS Network (TMSN), which continues to buck market trends during its presale and looks set to shoot for the moon.

TMS Network (TMSN)

The evolving nature of cryptocurrency market dynamics means there are consistently new opportunities for investors to explore. TMS Network (TMSN) is ideally placed to help investors navigate this ever-evolving landscape by empowering traders to realize the potential for profitable investments. With a brand-new feature set, TMS Network (TMSN) stands out as a pioneer, revolutionizing how traders engage with digital assets and paving the way for excellent returns.

TMS Network (TMSN) has a brand-new innovative feature that sets it apart from other trading platforms, unparalleled trade convenience. Investors navigate the volatile nature of crypto markets with TMS Network (TMSN) streamlining the trading experience, removing emotional barriers, and unlocking vast potential.

TMS Network (TMSN) provides all the necessary features and trading tools under a single roof, empowering traders to make swift, well-informed, and profitable investment decisions. This is achieved by allowing traders to save time and effort by accessing real-time market data, allowing them to execute trades seamlessly and manage their portfolios efficiently.

Arbitrum (ARB)

Arbitrum (ARB) is a currency with a single stated goal – to improve the interoperability, scalability, and efficiency of the Ethereum network. Arbitrum (ARB) is a level-2 ERC-20 token using a fork of Ethereum, with any project or application built on Arbitrum (ARB) directly working with Ethereum to improve its performance.

With Ethereum’s recent layer-2 upgrade moving its network towards becoming a more highly efficient platform, Arbitrum (ARB) continues working to improve this new functionality. Despite the upgrade, scalability remains an issue with Ethereum, and Arbitrum (ARB) is facing a gluttony of new competitors aiming to improve this problem. As a result, the marketplace is becoming saturated, meaning that Arbitrum, now more than ever, needs to think outside the box to elevate itself against the opposition.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche (AVAX) is a layer-1 blockchain network operating as a decentralized application (dApp) and network platform that has emerged as a rival to Ethereum. Its goal is to replace Ethereum as the blockchain of choice for enabling smart contracts. It aims to achieve this by increasing capacity to an unprecedented 6,500 transactions per second (TPS) without compromising accessibility or network functionality.

Avalanche (AVAX) is powered by its native AVAX token, which is used as a medium of exchange on the platform and a store of value within the ecosystem. In addition, the coin incentivizes network participation, enabling users to become network validators. They can help secure the network by verifying transactions and mining new blocks for the chain.

While Avalanche (AVAX) remains popular among developers and investors, it is under intense pressure from competitors that provide interoperability solutions compatible with Ethereum and excellent scalability, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

In Conclusion

The difficulty experienced by US markets in recent months is undeniably impacting the ability of established cryptocurrencies to make headway. As a result, the door is open for new pioneering projects to make a case for market share, and TMS Network (TMSN) is grabbing this opportunity with both hands.

The platform’s exciting, innovative approach to trading has grabbed the attention of investors, with the earliest already seeing 1700% gains. TMS Network (TMSN) is currently in its second presale stage, having already raised $5.6 million. Currently priced at $0.088, now is the time to take advantage of this super-low price and be part of an exciting and pioneering new project.

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