The 21st century is an incredible era to be living in. The level of technological advancement that we have seen in the last two decades has been astounding. We have unlocked the previously untapped potential of many industries and have sent a flood of momentum through them, revealing new capabilities.

In particular, unlocking the unknown potential of finance with cryptocurrency and greatly improving technology and the internet with the introduction of the web3 landscape.

It comes as no surprise that one block has found a way to merge the potential of both web3 and cryptocurrency into a single device. Solana, one of the most innovative blockchains on the market, has announced the release of their smartphone which will allow for greater utility than regular phones.

Avalanche has partnered with Ali Baba to enhance the capabilities of the Web3 landscape and the Metaverse in particular, whilst Big Eyes Coin (BIG) inches closer to its launch with excitement and anticipation within their community.

Solana: The Smartphone of Tomorrow

Solana is a blockchain known for its innovative and revolutionary actions. It was one of the first blockchains to move into a proof-of-stake system and become a greener platform with an impact about 99% lighter than most, as well as leading the charge in environmental conservation as a whole.

Solana has announced the release of their mobile phone, Saga, which brings a complete web3 experience to the hands of the user. It is highly encrypted and allows full access to decentralized apps without the need for a desktop browser. Owners of Saga can trade tokens, mint NFTs, use on-chain games and even perform a variety of web3 transactions.

This is a very important step forward into the new dawn of technology and unlocking more potential of the web3 landscape.

Avalanche Partners with Alibaba Cloud

Just like Solana, Avalanche is known for its dedication to innovation and has given the industry some very important upgrades over the years. Scalability and efficiency are the backbone of this blockchain and as such, have made some incredible headway in the market.

This collaboration will birth the Cloudverse, a solution that enhances business capabilities by providing solutions that allow businesses to customize, launch and maintain their metaverse spaces on Avalanche. The new solution creates high traffic volume capacity, professional land, and planning governance, and has an open ecosystem.

This partnership will have scalable and efficient cloud infrastructure from Alibaba and Avalanche will provide resources to build metaverse spaces which will, altogether, increase the rate of success for businesses that venture into the metaverse.

Big Eyes Coin: A Game Changer in the Making

Big Eyes Coin is a meme coin that is considered to be the rival to other meme coins giants Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Its presale was released in 2022 and has seen nothing but success ever since, gathering an incredible network of investors. The lucrative nature of the token has been its primary reason for success, along with its loot boxes and NFTs.

The loot boxes have been an extremely attractive feature on the platform, particularly because of their reward potential. These require a minimum investment of only $10 and users stand a chance to win up to a million dollars in prizes. The extra incentive of this is the 300% bonus that accompanies each purchase, which can be unlocked with the code END300

In addition, there is an entire collection of Big Eyes Coin NFTs that are available on the Opensea marketplace that users can collect, mint, and trade. These work well as both a source of immediate return and a long-term investment.

The presale closes June 3rd. Purchase your coins now and with a 300% bonus using the code END300.


In conclusion, crypto has allowed us to unlock previously inaccessible reaches of the internet and enhance the potential of already existing ecosystems. It has enabled a wider reach for both people and businesses, not only bringing new experiences to our doorstep but also allowing us to improve our technological ability.


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