Cryptocurrency is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. Its constant evolution and commitment to innovation set it apart from traditional finance. Over the years, we have seen incredible innovation and growth from many cryptos due to their countless upgrades as new technologies emerge in the market.

Recently, there has been an uptrend in innovative strategies and upgrades that have allowed users to have more control over their trading activities, which also creates a better overall user experience. Through these upgrades, the ultimate goal for these blockchains is to improve their transaction throughput and effectively become the top altcoins in the market.

Many tokens, like Shibarium, have announced upgrades this year. One, in particular, is Cardano with its Hydra upgrade, which aims to create more efficient use of the blockchain. This has the potential to completely revolutionize the way blockchains function. In other news, the NFT marketplace Tabi has completed its funding round of $10 million and will be active on the BNB ecosystem soon. Finally, Caged Beasts has made an impact in the meme space with its unique concept and spectacular incentives.

Cardano’s Hydra

Cardano is known for its bold, innovative strategies and forward-thinking mindset. It has been a leader in many aspects, including environmental conservation. It has set the bar in conservation initiatives and is regarded as one of the most sustainable cryptocurrencies in the market. Similarly, its innovation in the technological aspects also sets it apart from the rest. It has recently released its Hydra upgrade that aims to provide improved and efficient usage.

The Hydra upgrade is the first of three parts, followed by the Tail Protocol and the Cross-Head and Tail communication. Hydra’s main purpose is to provide faster transaction speeds and give users the convenience of using familiar tools from the Cardano chain to use in the Hydra.

Furthermore, this upgrade will allow users to leave a Hydra head and new users to join without causing any transactional disruptions. Additionally, it aims to increase the number of users and assets, which will increase transactional volumes and create a better experience overall.

BNB Launches Tabi

BNB-based NFT marketplace Tabi – previously Treasureland – is a state-of-the-art marketplace with a range of benefits, including turning its user’s on-chain activities into “experience points”, which can be converted into rewards and earnings. Tabi has recently completed its round of angel funding and has raised $10 million. Seeded by big capital firms like Animoca Brands, Binance Labs, and Draper Dragon, these funds will be used to develop the gaming ecosystem of Tabi and build its on-chain identity.

This move will benefit both Tabi and BNB simultaneously. As Tabi grows within the ecosystem, BNB can use this as an opportunity to further expand its NFT operations, just like it did with the integration of Polygon and when it was integrated into Opensea. Furthermore, there are plans for an NFT incubation fund that will offer incentives to developers who design their products, art, and brands on the BNB chain.

Caged Beasts – The Imminent Uprising

Animals have the power to rule the world better than human beings, and this is exactly the intention of the Caged Beasts lurking in a lab in an undisclosed location. Genetically mutated beasts created by Dr. Hyde are awaiting an uprising, and although still in their infancy, these beasts are more powerful than you can imagine.

The beasts want to control, but you can forge your alliance with them and watch them become fully-grown monsters. This also signifies your investment in this cause because the earlier you buy, the more monstrous the return. Created on a sense of community and being the first meme token of its kind, it holds a lot of growth potential. Furthermore, it gives you a chance to earn passive rewards through sharing your unique code with others to get a 20% return of tokens.

Join the Caged Beasts today. Sign up with your email and forge your alliance.

Final Thought

As the market continues to recover, and based on the technology that we currently have, especially with the capabilities of the web3 landscape, cryptocurrency may even become more dynamic than ever before. The potential for growth and innovation has increased tenfold in the last decade, making coins like the ones listed above the best choices for altcoin investments this season.

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