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Online slot machines have never been so hot. But why? The humble slot machine or fruit machine can often lead to players just losing money. Is this the same for the newer online approach and what is that makes around 1.6 billion users (and counting) keep going back to play those slots for real money?

What is an online slot?

Remember that flashing and slightly outdated-looking machine in the corner of the bar? That’s a slot machine or if you’re in the UK, you might call it a fruit machine. Well, online slots for real money are very similar. They operate with the same metrics, you spend X amount for the chance to win a cash prize. Yet, the tangible machine isn’t needed so you can play wherever you want to. As there’s no need to visit the bar, you needn’t drink alcohol while you’re playing either.

UK Slot Fascination?

If you’re based in the UK or have been you’ll know that the country is steeped in pub culture. British people like to spend their free time drinking beer at their local pub/bar with other pastimes like watching football, playing on quiz machines, eating salty snacks, and also having a small wager on a fruit machine. The totality of this experience makes for a happy pub-goer.

While you can watch football at home, drink beer and eat crisps from your armchair – it was difficult to play on a slot machine at home, unless you owned a games cabinet yourself. That was until the advent of online slot machine games became commonplace. Gambling sites and platforms now operate a multitude of different games for bettors to play on. The pub experience could not be replicated (to some extent) at home! When the COVID-19 outbreak occurred many drinkers and pub-goers resorted to these alternatives when they simply couldn’t go to the pubs due to government-enforced lockdowns.

Slots are so popular in the UK that even some players simply play for fun with free or non-money tokens. These are typically games found on social media sites like Facebook and others. While these aren’t making money for online casinos, it’s that penetration into customer behavior that could prompt future spending on an online casino.

However, online slots for real money are not just popular in the UK as other nations like Australia, the US, Canada, and even Finland report a good following of online slot players.

Why Online Slots are Superior to the Tangible Machines

While the clunky machine was the original slot experience in 2023, there are lots of attributes as to why the online variation trumps the ‘real world’ version.

Firstly the availability and variety of games are simply unmatched. Online slots are not subject to waiting lines of patrons who want to play on one machine at the premises. Gambling sites offer as many machines as the server can handle (uncountable, millions probably) meaning you needn’t have to breathe down somebody’s neck to play on the machine. What is better yet is that if you don’t like the way a certain machine is playing out, you can simply switch the machine with the tap of a button. Change from the classic fruit slot to the Indiana Jones-themed machine and then back again if you desire, and it’s this kind of variety that attracts players to play slots for real money.

Furthermore, the accessibility of a pick-up-and-play game makes it very appealing for those looking for the thrill of a potential cash prize. Budding gamblers needn’t find a machine as they are all within grasp with a smartphone. Also, even the most complex slot games are little more than pressing spin and hoping that the symbols provide you with a winning combination.

Expected Market Growth for Slots and Casino Games

While the distinction between different casino games isn’t always clear, the market growth is very visible by its swelling size. The global gambling market was estimated to be worth $90 billion (USD) in 2022. Global market insights have observed key drivers in the contemporary market which could see the overall market reach $370 billion in market worth by 2032.

Whether it’s an overall readiness for online slots for real money (led by the UK), these market trends are only a good thing for online gamblers as firms pump more money into the quality of their games. Unless said bettors make terrible losses, in which case they should probably stop gambling altogether.

Other drivers like the integration of blockchain technology to allow cryptocurrencies to be used directly with online slot machines only fosters more traffic to this type of betting. Crypto-nerds might love all things tech but be less enamored by complicated gambling games, making online slots a perfect introduction to gaming.