Real estate is a good investment, no matter what you plan to do with it. But if you’re in the camp of selling for a one time profit, you’re going to need to maximise the very return you get! You want to sell fast here, but that’s not the only worry – selling your home as fast as you can is one thing, but selling it fast AND for a very good price takes a lot more concentrated effort! Ultimately, this means you’re going to have to dedicate energy to looking into real estate niches. Here are a few questions to ask to find the perfect buyer for you. 

What Amenities Does the Property Offer?

Amenities are various throughout properties, but what ones are specific to yours? For example, how much storage space, or potential, is there? If you’ve got a lot of under stair space or there’s a built-in wardrobe in one room, you could appeal very easily to new or big families. 

On the other hand, if the property is quite small, you could appeal well to a first time buyer. One bedroom, one bathroom, and a simple kitchenette off the living room could net you a quick, fine profit off of someone just entering the housing market. 

What Kind of People Live in the Area?

Or what kind of people have been moving to the area in their droves over the past few years? Maybe retired couples, who want space to dedicate to their hobbies, such as gardening? Installing a custom shed could be the clincher for a deal like this! To attract this kind of buyer, make sure you take photos featuring the landscape behind the house heavily to emphasise just how suitable your property could be. 

How Private is the Property? 

Privacy is a quality we all want from a home, so this is never a bad point to highlight. However, this is specifically a point for both young families and those with pets. Privacy means security, with a big fence around the garden and a quiet street just outside the house. 

Both of these elements make it easier to raise kids or let the pets out alone without any worry; a dog can’t dig under the fence, and an outdoor cat is less likely to be involved in a collision on the road. 

What’s Transport Like?

If you’re on a main commuting line, or nearby enough to one that it’ll take around 5 minutes or less to walk, you could find the perfect buyer in the business community. Those who need to commute at least 5 times a week want a house that supports this lifestyle; they want to come home somewhere quiet, but they don’t want to be cut off from the world. If this sounds like your property, mention it as a main description point. 

Finding the perfect buyer for your real estate investment is all about the staging! Highlight any of the features above for faster, better sales.