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If you want to edit a PDF file in Google Docs or Google Drive, here’s how you can do it without installing a third-party add-on. This tutorial shows you how to edit PDF files in the web version of Google Docs. And you can also do the same with a desktop PDF program of SwifDoo PDF 

Editing a PDF file is not that difficult because there are many free applications already available. Even if you have Word on your computer, you can edit the PDF file without any problems. On the other hand, Google Docs is one of the best Word alternatives you can use on the web. In addition to allowing you to create drop cap, show line numbers, etc., you can edit the PDF file in Google Docs. 

Can you edit a PDF document in Google Docs?  

Yes, you can edit a PDF document in Google Docs without much problem. As long as it contains texts and simple blocks, you can edit your PDF document in Google Docs without much difference. For this, you can follow the same above-mentioned guide mentioned here.  

Before you start working with the edit panel, please note that not all styles are compatible with Google Docs. For example, you added a block of code to a PDF document. If you open it in Google Docs, this block of code may not have the same style. Even if you converted your Google Docs file to PDF, uploaded it to Google Drive and tried to edit it, the same problem will remain in your file. 

How to edit a PDF file in Google Docs 

To edit a PDF file in Google Docs, follow these steps: 

Open and sign in to your account. Click  New > File Upload  and select the PDF file to upload. Double-click the PDF file in Google Drive. Click  Open with > Google Docs. Make all changes as required. Go to File > Download > PDF Document.  

To learn more about these steps, read on. 

First, you need to upload the PDF file to Google Drive. To do this, visit, the official website of Google Drive, and log in with your Google account. Then click the  New  button , select  File Upload  and select the PDF file you want to edit.  

If you already have the PDF file in your Google Drive account, you don’t need to complete the first two steps listed above.  

Double-click the PDF file to preview. Now you need to click on the  Open button and select the Google Docs option. FYI, if you have installed other PDF-related add-ons, they may appear here. 

Then Google Docs will open the PDF file and you can start editing it as per your requirements.  

Once finished, you can download it to your computer in PDF or DOCX format. To do this, go to File > Download and select the file format according to your preferences. 

How to convert a PDF to an editable Google Doc 

To convert a PDF file to an editable Google Docs document, you must first upload it to your Google Drive account. To do this, log in to your account and click New > Upload File. Select the file, double-click it, and select Open With > Google Docs. Now you can find an editable version of your PDF in Google Docs. 

Alliteratively, you can also use the SwifDoo PDF Online Converter tools.  

How to edit a PDF file in Google Drive 

Editing a PDF in Google Docs and Google Drive are no different. You actually use Google Drive to get the file in Google Docs. Therefore, you can follow the same above-mentioned steps to get the job done.  

That’s all! This is how you can edit a PDF file in Google Docs, and you can also use an external PDF editor like SwifDoo PDF.