If you have been in the cryptocurrency game for a while now, chances are you are desperately yearning for the return of the bull run. Back in 2021, the crypto bull run was a good time and it saw the likes of Bitcoin reach an all time high value of $65 million in November, 2021. Plus, Ethereum was valued at $4800 in November 2021 – which was also the cryptocurrencies’ all time high.  

The market is currently in a bear run, however, crypto experts and AI’s alike are both predicting a swing soon enough. So if a bull run really is around the corner, then you should be prepared to get in before all the prices rise once again. Here are 3 cryptocurrencies set to skyrocket before and during the next bull run. They are;  

  1. Scorpion Casino Token 
  2. The Sandbox 
  3. Ethereum  

SCORP Token’s Presale Is Already Making Millions 

Scorpion Casino Token is a new cryptocurrency presale currently taking the crypto sphere by storm. It has come in strong and has established itself a strong competitor. Often the fear with crypto presales that are meme coins is that they can be a quick pump and dump, then never do anything again. SCORP Token have made it very clear that that is not their intention and they have developed an impressive ecosystem to demonstrate that.  

💸 Staking Pool for Passive Earnings: Explore the opportunity to generate daily passive income by staking your $SCORP tokens. Furthermore, as the SCORPION community expands, you will continue to receive annual yields. 💰 

🏆 Strategic Token Buyback: A portion, specifically 20%, of the profits generated by the SCORPION sportsbook and casino are allocated to repurchasing $SCORP tokens. 🔥 

🔥 Token Burn Mechanism: The project has implemented a token burning process, where 50% of the repurchased tokens are permanently removed from circulation. This strategic move effectively reduces the token supply, amplifying the value of each $SCORP token! 💎 

Is The Sandbox Set To Have Its Big Return?  

The Sandbox (SAND) is a virtual platform that empowers users to create, own, and profit from their gaming creations. In the metaverse frenzy of 2021, SAND hit a record high of $8.44. 

However, like many metaverse tokens, SAND faced a downturn in 2022. In Q3 2023, its price fluctuated around $0.29 to $0.30. 

Notably, in September 2023, SAND climbed to $0.300, marking a 6.4% increase over the past two weeks. This has sparked optimism for further price hikes. ChatGPT projects The Sandbox to potentially reach a peak of $0.68 during the anticipated 2024 crypto bull run. 

The Best Is Yet To Come From Ethereum 

The future holds great promise for Ethereum, and the best is arguably yet to come. Ethereum’s transition to Ethereum 2.0, with its improved scalability and sustainability, is set to unlock new possibilities for the blockchain in 2024. 

 Smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) built on Ethereum are gaining traction across various industries, from finance to gaming and beyond. As more projects and developers join the Ethereum ecosystem, its utility and network effects continue to strengthen.  

Additionally, Ethereum’s role in the rapidly growing decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) sectors positions it as a key player in the blockchain space. With continued innovation, upgrades, and expanding use cases, Ethereum’s future looks brighter than ever. 

The Key Take Away 

Cryptocurrency presales work well because they offer early access at lower rates, provide bonuses, secure initial funding, and build a loyal community from the start, benefiting both investors and project development. So if you really want to make sure you are ready for the next bull run, consider buying into a project like Scorpion Casino Token now, before the market really swings. This is the best way to ensure the biggest profits. 

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