If you are someone who deals with a severe hearing impairment and feels that their quality of life has been taken away, you have come to the right place. Your level of hearing loss and the health concern overall should not impact your wellness or happiness. 

There are several things you can do to regain and maintain your quality of life while dealing with severe/profound hearing loss.

Consider changing your aid to an implant

Hearing aids are more common than implants due to their ability to help those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

However, there are implant options that will enable the user to wear them consistently and reduce their irritability with dealing with and managing the hearing aid.

A cochlear implant 101 will help you understand the benefits of the device over regular hearing aids if you deal with profound hearing loss. Instead of taking the hearing device out, it will remain inside the ear and guarantee that the individual can hear at all times. It will be as if they are not experiencing hearing loss at all, which will help them regain their quality of life.

Use smart device connections

Another way to improve your quality of life when living with severe hearing loss is to use smart device connections. 

Many modern hearing aids and implants can connect with smartphones and other electronic devices so that the aids can be adjusted from a digital list of settings. Living with profound hearing loss and continuously needing to adjust your settings depending on your environment can be frustrating.

However, this is made much simpler by connecting your device to a digital place where you can digitally adjust your settings.

Make people aware of your issue

If you feel uncomfortable going into new environments due to people not knowing or understanding your severe hearing loss, then it makes sense to make people aware of your issue before you head to that environment.

For instance, if you are attending a new class at university and your tutor does not know about your hearing loss, it might cause you anxiety and also affect your ability to understand the lesson due to not being able to hear what they are saying. This can hinder your confidence, education, and quality of life, which does not need to be an issue in the first place.

Letting as many people know about your hearing loss as possible guarantees that they understand your difficulties and, therefore, can know how to adjust the environment so you can hear properly.

It can be difficult to live with severe hearing loss, but your life can be made much easier if you wear the right devices, let people know about your needs, and use modern technology to control your devices. You do not need to live feeling unhappy or lacking confidence due to your hearing inability. You can live the same life as other people by following these tips.