A great assortment of entertainment options is one of the main features of online casinos. Different categories of games are offered on gambling websites. The total number of software options may reach several hundred or up to a thousand. Below, let’s consider what types of card software are offered at https://quickwin.com/ca/.

Card games come as the second most popular type of entertainment after slots. Hundreds of players come to gambling websites to play blackjack, roulette, or other card table games.

Types of Card Games at Quickwin Casino

When you visit Quickwin casino, you’ll find a separate section for card games. There, the following options are provided:

  1. Roulette

It is one of the most popular casino games. Players sit at a game table and try to guess what sector a ball will hit. Stakes of different sizes are accepted. Within this game, three main variations are distinguished, namely:




Each type has its peculiarities and game specifics, which is why it’s important to study game rules before entering the game. For example, the main difference between American and European types is the addition of the “00” sector in the first modification. This change raises the house edge (the casino’s advantage) to 5,25%, while a classic type has an average house edge of 2,6%.  The higher the house edge, the higher the risk of players to lose.

Besides these main kinds of games, there are also programmed auto, speed, lightning, and other modifications.

  1. Blackjack

It is another top-rated card game at Quickwin casino. According to its rules, players should collect a card hand of a particular value. The card value should not exceed 21; otherwise, a player loses. The player who gets closer to 21 wins. Different types of the game are available on the website:


  Spanish 21;



Depending on the variation, rules differ. Each modification has its specifics. For example, less time on placing bets is left in speed blackjack. In some variations, card combinations and their value differ.

  1. Baccarat

Here’s the third popular (and obligatory) type of entertainment on gambling websites. It features the simplest rules. Gamblers should bet one of two boxes to guess which one is going to win. Cards are used to make stakes.

  1. Poker

Poker is also available. Poker rooms come as a separate category of casino activity. There, different modifications of tables are accepted. Each table has its own bet sizes, rules, and the number of players.

Online VS Live Card Games at Quickwin Casino

Note that when considering card games at Quickwin casino, they fall into two main groups. Software is divided into programmed online games and live dealer products.

Programmed software implies that one player participates in the game. The software runs using a special algorithm that generates game results randomly. This type of game features low involvement.

As for live software, here dealers are human, and other participants are real, which makes the game atmosphere lively and more engaging. All participants can chat with each other via Live Chat. This software attracts players due to the creation of a lively gambling reality. Yet, note that the number of seats at one table is limited.

Another principle difference related to demo mode. Programmed online card games are provided for free testing. Gamblers can play sessions without risk and familiarize themselves with gameplay peculiarities. At the same time, live dealer games do not have this option. When playing with human croupiers, gamblers can place only real money stakes.

The online casino offers a rich game catalog, satisfying all categories of players. Extra perks, such as bonuses and quick payments, make the gambling process more pleasant and exciting.