In the fast-paced business world, you must act smart by transforming your contact mode. Since the digitization of personal and business contact modes has now occurred, you must replace your paper-based card with a contact-less e-business card.

If you are running a manufacturing company, you need many connections. Such connections include, among others, your raw material suppliers, transporters for supply chain management, dealers of your manufactured goods, and consumers (buyers). NFC cards are fast replacing paper-made cards worldwide.

A LinkedIn report, quoting market intelligence group Market Research Insights (BRI), says that the demand for NFC cards is rising globally. BRI research states that as of [2023], our research indicates that the global NFC Business Card market is poised to reach USD 38.49 million by 2030, exhibiting a remarkable CAGR of 9.5% during the forecast period of 2023-2030.

All these directly mean you should adopt your contact mode in such a way that facilitates ease of doing business. In this regard, NFC business cards can greatly help your manufacturing business. Embedded with a chip, the Near Field Communication (NFC) cards have revolutionized the business contact spectrum. You get tremendous public contact and product information-sharing benefits by switching to the NFC business card from the paper-made card.

Your manufacturing business can move swiftly with the help of sharing business website URLs, social media profiles, special sales schemes, and all other information on the specialties of your products and also the profiles of promoters of your company.

Why should you switch over to NFC cards?

Digitalization of business operations has made paper-made cards obsolete. On the other hand, your NFC card can function like:

  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi

As a result, your NFC card practically functions like a digital device, sending and receiving bits of information viewable on any smartphone. It has multiple business-related benefits. We are explaining below five such benefits:

Update your company information: Being a chip-embedded digital device with huge storage capacity, you can keep on updating your company information like the launch of a new product, reduced or enhanced pricing of products, the inauguration of a new production or manufacturing facility, the latest technology transfer, and collaboration with another company. In short, your NFC card can act as a newsletter for your company.

Integration of company videos: This can make your business module interactive with the audience as you can integrate multimedia on the card. You can upload corporate presentations, business meetings, animated production reviews, make pictorial announcements, and showcase your company’s latest achievements.

Offline and Online interaction under one umbrella: This is a major benefit your business unit can get from using NFC contact mode. Your customers, viewers of your business site, and trade enquiries can send their messages even if you are offline. Your online system can function as it is. This can go a long way in generating queries both offline and online. Your prospect of business promotion moves on a higher note.

Real-time data generation: This business tool is very helpful for your company as you can monitor real-time trade-related data generated over a given period. Data synchronization is possible as you know the latest details, the list of new visitors, or even the latest queries. Another benefit is that if a third party does any hacking and any change is engineered in your chip-enabled card, you can know this immediately.

Seamless multi-platform integration: You have several digital platforms as a business owner. They include your business site, online company, product profile, and social media. NFC business cards integrate all these platforms. Such integration can help you bring several platforms under one umbrella. Since you can use your tablet, smartphone, or desktop/laptop to monitor performance, viewing, or interaction with your social media, business site, and profile, you can view them as soon as they hit these platforms.

Digital transformation has made the ease of doing business possible. NFC cards have emerged as a popular business tool, combining several benefits under one AI-enabled digital platform. Due to this reason, business operators are switching over to NFC cards from traditional paper-made cards.


The mode of business contact has now changed following the digitalization of the corporate world. This has transformed the communication process, carrying out public relations operations, branding, and conversion of trade queries into sales. All these necessitate that you also make a smart digital move with the help of the NFC card. Unlike paper-based cards, which are manually exchanged, the NFC card is contactless and can be customized. To exemplify, you can place a private order to make your digital card carry all information regarding your business and also carry out public relations and branding by highlighting your logo, brand photographs, and product information.