Although the stigma around online games has shifted as nerd culture has taken over, there are still some detractors. However, online games can offer many more benefits than you might expect when enhancing your brain. 


From card games to strategy titles, there are many online games to try. There are so many that you can feel confident that there is something for everyone even if you don’t think you enjoy video games or consider yourself a gamer. If you’re looking for reasons to try more online games to sharpen your brain, here are some of the best qualities.

Online Games Keep Your Mind Active

Do you spend most of your free time scrolling through social media accounts or places like Reddit? If so, you might get to a point when you feel bored and restless. Maybe you check the time and realize you’ve spent hours doing nothing, which is enough to make anyone feel depressed. So, what if you used online games to kill time and keep your mind active? You might be playing games, but these games include features and quests that encourage your mind to stay active. 

But They Can Also Help You Relax 

One of the best things about online games is that they give your mind the chance to unwind and relax after a long and stressful day. Even if you struggle to solve problems or overcome boss battles, you still feel calmer. And it’s much better than stressing about a project or deadline. Going further, some games like solitaire provide a simple and easy-to-approach experience no matter how much you know about the game, so you can casually play to relax after work. 

You Can Engage With Other Players 

Some games also come with built-in chat systems that give you the chance to communicate with other players. These players could be friends or strangers (or simply online friends), so you can chat about the game or just talk about your day and get into deeper discussions while you’re playing. Many people believe that sitting at your computer all day is an anti-social activity, but it isn’t when you have others to speak to in the game lobby or in-game chat. 

They Promote Challenges 

The best games are those that challenge you without creating impossible scenarios that frustrate you. Players of all levels need a challenge to feel like they are achieving something instead of breezing through the missions or quests without issues. Every win gives you a little boost, which can motivate you to keep going and challenge yourself more to prove that you’re much more capable than you thought. 

Online Games Encourage Problem-Solving 

Similarly, the problems you encounter while playing online are a fantastic way to boost cognition and development, no matter how old you are. For kids, problem-solving tasks are ideal for encouraging development. For older adults, they can prevent memory issues like dementia or Alzheimer’s. Anyone in between can use problem-solving qualities to enhance their skills and adjust how they approach problems that could help them improve their work or train for new responsibilities at the office or around the house. 

They Can Cheer You Up 

No one plays online games to have a terrible time. It doesn’t matter what your preferred online genre or platform is. You want to do it to have fun. Of course, everyone has varying interests, so what you love might not be the same as other people. Even so, playing games to relax and cheer up can help you achieve a flow state that is almost like meditation. You will eventually become so good at the game that you don’t even think about your moves. You just play

Games Can Educate You 

Online games aren’t just a way to kill time or catch up with friends. They can also educate you about things you are unfamiliar with. The process of video game learning has proven to be beneficial for people of all ages but even regular games include lessons that you can remember throughout your life. You can use these games to learn about history or sports. Your kids can play games that teach them about school subjects. You can even use online games to practice for real-life activities like playing chess. 


You don’t need to become a MENSA member by playing online games, but they can offer plenty of benefits that are much more fun than turning page after page of a dense and dragging non-fiction book. So, even if you’re not a gamer, don’t be afraid to check out some of the best (free) games online.