As a creative entrepreneur, have you considered starting your own on-demand business like Uber but tackling a different industry? Your first thought however is to gauge industries returning a greater revenue with even greater chance of retaining in the longer run. For a taxi booking app development company, here are a few amazing ideas to create the next generation on-demand services apps like Uber and prepare to earn millions.


Uber has revolutionized our perspective of public commute and the growth business strategy so far has been super successful, triggering likewise businesses to extend their on-demand services. Adding fuel to it are the terms like “Uber for X” and “Uber-like App”, and as a leading mobile app development company in Dallas, consider the ideas shared below to take the reins and drive the industry forward. 

1. Uber for Groceries and Health Foods

Millennials are accustomed to skipping meals because of their tight work schedule and lack of time. Otherwise, they’d rather go for junk food. This is where a travel app development company can be hired to build grocery and health food delivery apps based on the Uber model.

The idea, if well-planned and carefully executed can earn in millions as well as promote healthy eating habits. Uber-like apps for grocery and healthy foods give users the convenience of doorstep delivery with just a few taps.

2. Uber for Handyman

If you’re good at fixing things such as a leaky faucet or a shower drip, an on-demand Uber-like app for plumbers and handymen can be your savior. The concept behind it is to book services and have someone come to your place in a few minutes or at least an hour, prepared with essential tools to get the job done in a professional way.

3. Uber for Health and Fitness

Every generation has one of those fitness freaks and health fanatics who live and breath gyms, while couldn’t imagine life without smoothies and salads. But, when traveling or moving to a new city, finding their favorite spots can be a hassle!

The Uber-for-fitness app idea is perfect for a taxi booking app development company to pitch and help people stay in shape. Simply create a list of all the gyms in the city, register fitness trainers willing to share exercise plans, ask nutritionists and healthy food joints to sign-up as well and get the idea executed. With an all-rounder Uber-like on-demand fitness app, it’s sure to return a gentle revenue.

4. Uber for Beauty and Healthcare

Salon owners, beauticians and customers; all face the inconvenience of overbooking, underbooking, extraordinary delays etc. And things get even worse during a public event with service cost escalating to almost three-times as compared to the normal charges.

There’s an alternative, an on-demand salon app, which works in the same way as Uber-for-beauty or Uber-for-haircuts for instance. Users can book their slots either for home service or in advance at the salons to avoid delay and overwhelming service cost. 

5. Uber for Laundry Service

If you already have a laundry business and a professional staff, the only thing missing is a mobile app development company in Dallas to give you a business-oriented digital solution. Uber-like laundry service can help you team up with a number of laundry businesses and create a user-friendly platform for everyone. Also, with strong customer support and the appropriate features in your app, you can build a stronger foundation for a future-proof business.

6. Uber for Shipping and Logistics

Whether you want to deliver a parcel, travel intercity or simply wish to book a truck for shipping purposes, Uber for logistics and trucks can be absolutely amazing. Depending on your business operations and capability, you can even put up your entire fleet for hire and let people choose as many trucks as needed. 

It gives for easy logistics, shipping, and trucking business in terms of earnings against every truck being used. Allow other truck owners to register on the app against a commission. As for shipping of smaller packages, create a separate section in the app where people can select the type of package they want to send and where. 

7. Uber for Babysitters

Being a parent today can be tough, especially when your children are toddlers or younglings. And the last minute plan may require calling a babysitter that can be trusted which adds to the pain. You can solve this problem with an on-demand babysitter app and execute it as a profitable business idea to help parents manage their lives a little better. Above all, you can also make a good profit through all the bookings made through your Uber-like app for babysitters. 

8. Uber for Tutors

Tutors charge per hour and the rate is rising tremendously; so as the need for expert tutoring services. Bring some uniqueness by offering a more personalized and subject-specific tutor service based on Uber like app model. For students managing their finance with a side hustle, this can be an amazing opportunity to earn while sharing knowledge and spreading literacy.

9. Uber for Cleaning Services

Uber for cleaners is another great idea that helps earning in millions. Offering expert staff for house and even office cleaning can be a great business idea if executed in the right way. Based on the Uber for X model, clients can state their requirements through the app and request a cleaner available at the time. On accepting the request, cleaners can be directed to the respective location.

10. Uber for Mechanics and Tow Services

Ever had your car break down on the highway? Or when you really thought it wouldn’t. This is quite normal and cars do break down in the middle of nowhere for many different reasons like flat tires, accidents, even a crash. 

The nearest mechanic can be miles away but, with an app-like Uber for mechanics and tow service, you can simply call them at the spot rather than dragging the vehicle or leaving it unattended. It will also help mechanics reach a wider audience. 

The Final Say

If yours is a startup or perhaps a travel app development company, consider developing an Uber-like app for businesses, earning a handsome profit while helping businesses and general users to navigate smoothly through their routine.