As the crypto market is set for a massive bullish trend, Pushd presale is doing great in its fifth presale stage, trading at $0.094. This bull market also might serve as the savior for Cardano (ADA) since the coin has been going through some tough times. Moreover, BlockDAG (BDAG) has recently launched a $2 million mega giveaway to make a bull run over the bull run. Let’s check the details.


Why Pushd Presale Is Rising

The decentralized world stood still the day Pushd was released, and based on the registration members, PUSHD continues to surprise the crypto economy. Pushd will be the first decentralized online marketplace on the blockchain.

It will allow users to buy and trade cryptocurrency. Users will benefit from decentralization by having faster withdrawals and deposits, reduced transaction costs, and all the required privacy. Pushd is presently in its fifth presale stage, trading at $0.094.

Cardano Set for Recovering After Setbacks

Throughout the month, ADA has executed a spectacular rise, surging by a whopping 30% and reaching the noteworthy peak of $0.64. ADA’s successful breach of the strong resistance barrier at $0.63, which had previously canceled its price surge in December, is noteworthy.

The increase in the price of ADA is a tantalizing indicator that the market is eagerly awaiting significant advancements inside the Cardano ecosystem. Sensing the winds of change, market participants position themselves tactically ahead of the upcoming announcements, driving the token’s value to unprecedented heights and stimulating increased trading activity.

On the other hand, BlockDAG has just moved to batch 2 presale, with $1 million in the bank raised within 24 hours of batch 1 and a massive 50% surge in price from its initial rate of $0.001. BDAG is now trading at $0.0015, and the price is expected to increase as the presale progresses through the batches.

BlockDAG Snatches Spotlight with $2M Giveaway

The project witnessed a big rally at the beginning of BlockDAG’s presale. People have been so interested in it due to its unique features. With the BlockDAG network, people can do their transactions safely, with high speed, privacy, and decentralization.

Following the tremendous success of the Batch 1 presale, BlockDAG announced that it will start a big event where the project will reward 50 members of its community with a total of $2 million in cash prizes. This created a more significant rally on BlockDAG and raised the sense of FOMO in the community.

BlockDAG clearly stated that everyone who wants to join this event only needs to follow the social media channels, submit their wallet address, complete some quests, and bring friends to increase their chances. As the event concludes, BlockDAG will announce the winners on its platforms.

The BlockDAG Advantage

Although the Pushd presale is going big now, setbacks are still to be expected, as happened with Cardano. However, BlockDAG is immune to any fluctuations, and there is a reason behind that. Almost every crypto in the market is, in one form or another, subject to market trends and general circumstances, but this does not apply to BlockDAG. BlockDAG derives its strength from its inherent value, embedded in its unique features and strong community. In a few words, if you are in search of fast, safe, and private transactions, BlockDAG is a choice that cannot be substituted.


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