Are you protecting your hearing health? Do you understand the sheer importance of protecting it? There’s more to hearing loss than an old person saying “What?” when you talk to them. This within itself is a lifestyle change. On top of that, it still goes beyond that; it doesn’t impact your life, but it also impacts your career. Think of it this way; it’s like having a volume knob that’s stuck on low, making it harder to tune into the conversations and connections that can shape your professional life. 

Now, even though companies are not allowed to discriminate against disabilities, they’re still going to do it. Not just the companies alone but your team. On top of that, your mental health will decline. There is a domino effect, and things will only spiral worse. Listen, it’s not a situation you would want to be in. But the harsh reality is that if you don’t take care of your hearing health, then it will get worse, and it will affect your life in various. So, how exactly can it affect your career?

There’s the Quiet Struggle

Picture this: you’re in a meeting, and everyone’s buzzing with ideas. But for you, it’s like trying to catch whispers in a hurricane. That’s the reality for many folks dealing with hearing loss. It’s not just about missing out on water cooler gossip; it’s about feeling left out of the loop when it comes to important decisions and directions at work.

You’ll Feel Embarrassed and Ashamed

Have you ever asked someone to repeat themselves multiple times? It gets to the point where they get annoyed, and you feel so bad for asking, right? Well, that’s how it’s going to be at your job; you’re most likely going to feel so much shame for having to ask people to repeat themselves. But the best way out of this is to get your hearing checked and take control of your hearing health. In fact, you should find an audiologist and even research what to expect at a hearing aid fitting in case you’re told you’ll need hearing aids. This feeling of shame can go away; all you need is help from a hearing health professional. 

You Might Face a Career Crossroads

Now, hearing health issues can potentially affect your career trajectory. It’s just hard to climb the career ladder if you’re struggling to hear what your team is telling you. It can even be hard to contribute to brainstorming sessions, too, so that’s also something that you really have to think about. 

Social Withdrawal

So this pairs with the other two: if you’re struggling to hear, you’re going to be less inclined to talk to your coworkers or even your boss. Again, it goes back to that shame of struggling to hear people and the embarrassment of not wanting them to repeat themselves. Social withdrawal even has an impact on your career because it’s usually the more social workers that tend to get promotions and more responsibilities.