The craze for CBD (cannabidiol) products is at an all-time high. Its therapeutic and healing benefits have made it popular among both younger and older generations. It’s one of the fastest-growing product categories in the health and supplement industry. 

People are now shifting to CBD for a variety of health conditions, including anxiety, sleep, pain, skin, and focus-related issues.

Considering its wide acceptance, easing of laws, and global push for legalization, experts believe that the CBD industry will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 17.5% in the next decade. 

This growing demand has given birth to many new entrepreneurs in this space, and every other day a new brand enters the market. In the US alone, there are more than 2000 active CBD brands with a wide and unique range of product catalogs. 

But since CBD is still not FDA-approved as a supplement, you can’t freely advertise your CBD company website on regular platforms like television ads, Google ads, banners, hoardings, or radio slots. This is where social media comes in, as it provides a large user base and ample opportunities to place your brand in front of millions of daily active users. 

This article will cover the ways in which you can efficiently promote your CBD brand and products on Snapchat and other relevant social media platforms. 

Why Promoting CBD on Social Media is a Good Idea?

If you’re in the CBD business, promoting your products on social media is a smart move. Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer a huge opportunity to reach millions of potential customers. 

All these platforms have millions of active users, out of which a large user base can turn into your potential customer base if you target them properly. Almost all celebrities and influencers have multiple social media accounts and a huge following of people who believe in the products they recommend. 

This opens the gates for youth to partner with industry-specific talents and use their fame and following to efficiently place their brand out there. 

You’ll find a large number of influencers from rappers and singers to health influencers who will be willing to promote your brand in their content. Most companies form long-term deals with influencers, usually based on affiliate or sales-based commission models. 

Social media may not always mean a direct increase in sales, but it’s an important way to generate chatter and interest around your CBD brand. 

In essence, such platforms can grab eyeballs, which can build long-term brand image and credibility. Hence, it’s essential to be patient, creative, and regular when promoting your CBD brand on such platforms. 

Plus, CBD is still quite new; many people are curious about it but don’t fully understand what it is or what benefits it offers. Social media allows you to educate your audience about CBD in an engaging, shareable way through posts, videos, live streams, and more. 

You can clear up misconceptions and show how your products can improve people’s lives. dollars. It’s highly targetable and cost-effective compared to traditional advertising routes. 

Plus, social media platforms provide advanced targeting tools to get your content and promotions in front of the exact demographics that are most interested in CBD. You can target your content efficiently to the right people.

How to Effectively Promote Your Brand on Snapchat and Other Similar Platforms?

To effectively promote your brand on Snapchat, you must utilize all the tools offered by the platform effectively. It includes : 

Snap Ads

These are vertically oriented video ads up to 3 minutes long that play between Stories and Shows. They’re great for showcasing your CBD product benefits in an immersive and visually engaging way. Make sure to use trendy music, and aesthetically pleasing visuals for maximum ads.

Story Ads

These are branded tiles that appear between friends’ Stories. They can include videos, photos, and links to drive traffic. You can effectively use this space to get your brand’s message out there. Just make sure to keep it crisp, and to the point, as most social media audiences have a very low attention span. 

Filters & Lenses

This is the most unique and attractive feature on Snapchat. To promote your product you can use Sponsored AR filters and lenses. They allow you to get creative by branding everyday moments with your CBD products through augmented reality effects. 

Snapchat advertising tools help you optimize your advertisement campaign. These allow you to target specific demographics like age, gender, interests, location, and even behavioral factors. 

This ensures your CBD ads only get shown to the most relevant audiences. Similarly, other platforms like TikTok and Instagram offer ample advertising opportunities. 

Paid ads like TikTok’s TopView and Instagram’s feed, story, and reel ads enable you to intersect your CBD brand’s content with what users already love about these entertainment-driven apps. 

You can also leverage user-generated short videos showcasing your CBD products to gain organic traction and credibility. Once again, your aim should be to provide value and knowledge rather than just focus on getting maximum sales. 

What are the Restrictions on Promoting CBD on Snapchat?

Snapchat requires all CBD ads to be age-gated for users 18 and older. Advertisers cannot make any health claims or medicinal promises about CBD products. Ad content must avoid showing actual cannabis leaves or consumption of products. 


CBD brands can only advertise in locations where CBD is legal, using Snapchat’s geo-targeting tools. Advertising approval is required, with ongoing monitoring for policy compliance. 


Snapchat prohibits any content that promotes the sale of illegal or recreational drugs beyond CBD. Hence it’s essential for CBD brands to adhere to these policies, for effective targeting and maximum results. 

Key Takeaways

To sum it up, social media platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer ample opportunities for CBD brands to build brand image and boost product sales. Millions of people actively scroll through these apps on their devices, and a well-placed ad can lead to very high conversions. 

These platforms also offer specific targeting tools, which allow you to modify your ad campaign for specific demographics. You can also opt for organic ways by posting user-generated content and getting it highlighted on relevant handles. 

These platforms are also hubs of influencers with audience groups ready to buy what their ideals promote. You can opt for influencer marketing to leverage the artist’s fame and following to propel your brand’s growth. 

In short, when used properly, social media platforms can make your brand grow multifold. In fact, it’s much cheaper and more effective than traditional advertising methods. Lastly, if you read this for fun and are curious about trying CBD, then it’s better to opt for already established, trusted, and well-tested brands like Colorado Botanicals.