In martial arts, a black belt signifies expertise, but in the online business world, it can also point to severe incompetence.

The Value of Information in Business

In today’s business landscape, the most valuable asset is information. With accurate and up-to-date data, you can influence events and gain an unbeatable advantage in negotiations.

Think about your smartphone, loaded with apps like WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram. These apps have access to personal information, expenses, location, pictures, network connections, and finances. Despite claims of security, this information can be easily accessed by hackers.

Who is Sagi Natan Lahmi?

Sagi Natan Lahmi, also known in Hebrew as שון דורי, is a mysterious figure with no online presence. He’s an expert in “problem-solving,” a skill often linked to Russia. Need cyber-attacks, DDoS, defamation campaigns, web spam, or breaches of personal data? Just call Sagi.

People like Sagi thrive with the support of powerful benefactors, in this case, his close friend Ofer Baazov. Information about Sagi is scarce, with only a few references to an Estonian company and an abandoned trademark. He’s utilized his “right to be forgotten” online.

Anonymous Email Reveals Blackmail

Last week, our editors received an anonymous email with links to files on a popular file-sharing service. The files included audio and video recordings of conversations between a Russian hacker, Yosef Sanin (real name changed), and Sagi Lahmi, along with transcripts. The email sender, fed up with Sagi’s lies, warned businessmen in Israel, Cyprus, and Dubai to avoid or cancel any dealings with him.

Verifying the Recordings

Our team verified the authenticity of the recordings, confirming they were not modified or generated by AI. Translations from Russian and Hebrew to English were validated by language experts. We uncovered a story involving hackers, corporate conflict, and money, though we will not reveal the names of hacking victims.

The Hacking Plan

The recordings detail preparations for hacking but lack the beginning. Yosef demonstrated his ability to access a victim’s messenger app, seeing and downloading any chat or file. Sagi wanted access to Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp accounts, but Yosef insisted it would take weeks, not days, to avoid detection.

Their conversations often included disagreements over payment. However, when Yosef found files related to Mr. Baazov, Sagi quickly agreed to pay the requested amount, acknowledging Baazov as his partner of 15 years.

Déjà Vu: Baazov’s Hacking History

This isn’t Baazov’s first involvement in a hacking scandal. A similar incident occurred during a court dispute in the BVI Eastern Caribbean Court, where hacked Telegram messages were presented as evidence, only to be deemed inadmissible.

Hacker’s Methods: SS7 Protocol and Wi-Fi Cloning

Yosef explained two main hacking methods: the SS7 protocol and Wi-Fi cloning. SS7 connects mobile networks and is vulnerable due to its lack of encryption. Hacking SS7 provides access to calls, SMS, and locations. Wi-Fi cloning involves mimicking a network to capture passwords and access connected devices.

The Cost of Hacking

The payment for the hacking job was divided into three parts: general remuneration (€35,000), the hacker’s team fee (€35,000), and expenses (€25,000). The final cost, around €73,000, was disputed several times, but it’s clear that hacking high-security messengers costs about €40,000 and takes two weeks to two months.

Motivation Behind the Hacking

Why would someone pay so much for such a risky operation? The answer lies in either money or revenge. Sagi was keen on accessing private contacts and recent conversations, indicating a focus on personal life rather than business.

Was the Job Completed?

The final recording leaves the outcome uncertain. Regardless of whether the hacking was successful, the identities of the hacker and Sagi are known, leading to inevitable legal and reputational consequences.

Stay tuned for updates. We anticipate hearing Sagi Lahmi’s voice in court soon. For now, keep your distance from Sagi Lahmi and Ofer Baazov, and protect your phone and business.