The business world is soaring in the clouds. Companies deploy their database management systems (DMS), use the database as a service (DaaS), and benefit from related products and services of such cloud hyperscalers as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. 

Traditional DMSs have a proven reputation as a reliable tool. Firms use them to store, share, and manage documents within a company. High current business demands claim scalability, cost savings, agility, and easy management. Serverless DMSs are fully functional to meet those requirements. Platforms like AWS allow developers to create cutting-edge document management systems and benefit from their broad possibilities.

In this post, experts of the software development company Belitsoft share their insights about the advantages of AWS DMSs and provide examples of domains that can benefit from a serverless document management system.

Benefits of the serverless document management system

Centralized data storage

The main advantage of the AWS system manager documentation is that it keeps all the crucial files in one place. Members of teams easily access the data they need from any location, share the documents, and simultaneously work on the same file. AI features such as machine learning and computer vision help categorize documents for their logical storage. The algorithms detect types of files by scanning the terminology and syntax. As a result, it is easy to find relevant data according to vendors, products, dates, or other search conditions. 

AI technologies

Machine learning and optical character recognition (OCR) allow optimal file classification. Besides, users can apply advanced filtering and sorting, schedule regular updates, and utilize generative AI in content creation. Daily routine tasks take less time from the team with the implementation of automated AI features.

Easy management

AWS DMS customizes the algorithms for dealing with specific types of documents, let it be insurance inquiries, invoices, driver records, or credit forms. Advanced settings allow for timely notifications if, for instance, an extension of some deadlines is required or the document is approaching its expiration terms. Upon request, the system directs documents to certain departments.

Team cooperation

Serverless architecture provides teams with the possibility of remote work. Access rights determine editing and viewing features for the stakeholders. Users can dismiss any changes and roll back to the initial version. AI integration is able to summarize texts, highlight the most important parts of contracts and agreements, and even paraphrase and transcribe data for better understanding.

Security boost

The AWS-hosted DMS has a multi-layered security protection system that shields your data from cyber dangers and unlawful access. Security measures include data encryption, data backups, and access control limitations.

Scalability opportunities

Businesses that choose to grow occasionally have to get rid of software that doesn’t meet their demands at the moment. It is not a problem with the AWS document management system. The solutions can be modified to fit any environment or new specifications.

AWS document management system use cases:

  • Healthcare providers

Hospitals, clinics, and different kinds of medical centers are interested in regular updates of the current systems. They are also often pressed for time. Cloud-based solutions allow dealing with sensitive information securely and scale easily if necessary. The AWS solutions are convenient as they are easy to modernize. As a result, medical documentation is always in order.

  • Large multinational corporations

Such companies presuppose multiple staff. Automated DMS assigns different levels of access rights, which allows for a secure working process and no unauthorized admission. Keeping the data in order results in smooth operation procedures and acknowledges expertise.

  • Universities

The AWS DMS can serve the needs of thousands of students. Such data as personal profiles, queries, and admission applications are stored safely in one space. It allows for clear collaboration with configured permissions for groups of students and administration. As a result, staff members remain productive, and students stay well-informed.

  • Logistics companies

Transportation involves close cooperation of drivers, agents, couriers, and clients. A proper DMS guarantees remote work from any device. Accurate document recognition and the possibility to digitize invoices, waybills, and packing lists are crucial for well-organized processes.

  • Consulting firms

The scope of consulting services may encompass financial, marketing, and legal domains. Dealing with numerous clients requires a convenient tool for document storage and management. With the help of the AWS document solutions, professionals may work with clients effectively and get great feedback.

  • E-commerce

Electronic commerce needs to keep track of customer details, orders, invoices, and other documents. DMSs safely store all the information and share it upon request. Fast digitization of paper documents with the possibility to transfer them further to a relevant department is another helpful feature for online shopping platforms.

Why AWS?

With its rapidly growing market share, Amazon is among the largest cloud providers, together with Microsoft and Google. What makes Amazon Web Services so appealing for cloud-based document management?

  • AWS offers well-documented services. All the processes are clearly described. Developers can easily find the appropriate instructions or get expert assistance. 
  • DMS satisfies the request for easy storage adaptability. The document management system will grow with you if you intend to expand and grow your capacity.
  • Amazon claims security measures to safeguard your data, such as regular file backups, permission management, and encryption techniques.
  • AWS provides its users with a vast infrastructure. It includes Amazon Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Simple Storage Services, and Amazon Relational Database Service. All the services are compatible, which results in business sustainability.
  • The services have affordable pricing. The pricing depends on the specifications of each project.

Why customize your cloud-based document management solution?

If you tailor your DMS to your requirements, it will fulfill all of your expectations. First, if you have a small company, you can implement something simple to meet your immediate needs. If your business experiences growth over time, developers will know how to scale the system and adapt to the increased demands. As a result, your document management system will be:

  • available for you in terms of investment
  • easy to scale
  • tailored to your needs
  • familiar to the staff


A proper document management system is required in many business domains. Companies dealing with much paperwork benefit from using a cloud-based solution. Such a tool provides opportunities for remote work, easy document workflow, and cost savings. 

Machine learning and data recognition, aid in efficient document search and analysis. Amazon Web Services is among the top providers of cloud solutions today, which speaks for quality, reasonable price, and business sustainability.

About the author:

Dmitry Baraishuk is a partner and Chief Innovation Officer at the software development company Belitsoft (a Noventiq company) with 19+ years of expertise in digital healthcare, custom e-learning software development, and Business Intelligence (BI) implementation.