When the thirst of summer takes its hold, we tend to gravitate towards water and other beverage accompaniments most suitable to the season’s sunny strolls and warm summer nights. And just like white wines and rosés tend to dominate in the summer, there are red wines for those who do not abandon their favorite drink in hot weather. Some varieties of red wines are stunning elegant wines that can be enjoyed in the hottest of weathers, refreshing and rich in fruity undertones, bright acidity, extremely versatile for any occasion associated with summer.

Pinot Noir

Light bodied, high acidic, and with beautiful fruity and berry flavors, this is a much-appreciated wine all year through wine, and even more so during the transition from summer to fall. Starting from the cool climate zones, such as those of the amazing French red wines like Burgundy and Bordeaux, or regions like Oregon and New Zealand, Pinot Noir is a source of inspiring red fruit flavors with earthy undertones, expressed as cherries, raspberries, or strawberries. It is light on tannins and has a crisp finish; this varietal is perfect for a barbeque party, a picnic, or even watching the sunset over the beach.


From the Beaujolais region, wines produced with the use of the Gamay grape are a great choice for summer drinks. Light on body but full of bright fruited flavors with a subtle note of violets, these wines are best enjoyed lightly chilling them to highlight the crispness. Every Beaujolais wine is special, whether it is the latest Nouveau wine or the better-structured Crus like Fleurie or Morgon – the wines are fruity and have good freshness to go with grilled seafood, garden salads and much more.


Grown in Italy, the Sangiovese wines; especially those originating from Tuscany, poured into your glass feel like a bottle of sunshine from Italy. It goes without mention that Chianti Classico or Brunello di Montalcino are mouth-watering Sangiovese wines with a medium body, clever brisk acidity, and possessing herbal notes which perfectly complement foods served during the summer such as tomato-based meals, grilled meats, and aged cheeses. The cherry flavors are so bright and red, a hint of spiciness is characteristic for Sangiovese, so this wine is excellent for any nova and formal dinners or barbecues under the stars.


Grenache also known as Garnacha in Spain prefers hot regions to grow in and when it does it yields wines with good fruity characters, limited tannin taste and often have hints of spiciness. Grenache/Garnacha wines can be consumed as a single varietal or blended with Syrah or Mourvèdre in the well-known GSM combination and have a warmth of summer in their taste profiles from the values of red fruit such as strawberry and cherry to some herbaceous and pepper notes complexity. These wines are best suited for enjoyable summer barbecue parties where people can enjoy the strong character of these wines with barbecued meats and strong tasty vegetable preparations.


We recommend giving some extra attention to Gamay – the grape that is behind Beaujolais wines, as the grape has a light, fresh, fruity profile that can make anyone crave more of it when summer is on. Gamay wines are accented with notes of red fruits, including cherry, raspberry, and cranberry, and a medium-plus acidity and velvety mouthfeel; these wines are produced in the Beaujolais region in France. These wines are mostly light bodied and should be served at somewhat cooler temperatures as this will make them ideal for those warm end of summer evenings. Whether it is the trendy Beaujolais Nouveau which as the name suggests is drinking young and ready for action or one of the more classified Cru Beaujolais the Gamay wines represent a light refreshing and easy-going wine that perfectly complements the sumptuous tastes of the food that dominates the summer season.

Tips To Choose the Right Summer Red Wine

You do not have to stick with a conventional choice, instead you should base your selection on the occasion, your attendees, and the food to be served for the red wine you intend to buy should be appropriate for summer events. Select wines that are less opulent aged and have high acidity; these wines are served slightly chilled for the best experience. It is useful to try all the styles and varietals to determine which one has a particular preference and is also best to suit the happy-go-lucky disposition of summer.


This does not mean that red wines are in some way inferior to whites and rosés, they simply have a complexity and nuance that should not be confined to any given season, including summers. From the crisp texture of Pinot Noir to the sparkling personality of Lambrusco, every glass of these red wines complements summer to the most perfect degree and guarantees that each solemn gulp was the best. Thus, let’s toast to summer 2024 and the full-bodied taste of the reds that scream the spirit of this warm season.