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In a time in our country when we seem to be more divided than ever, music can be such a uniting factor. Kendrick Lamar even won a Pulitzer Prize for his song, “Damn”. Talk about powerful! There are very...
Ready Player One was Steven Spielberg's long-awaited return to directing a sci-fi action movie. While I believe it's no Jurassic Park or E.T., Ready Player One still brings the Spielberg magic we've grown to expect from a Spielberg movie....
By: Mike Maizel (Massive spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned!) If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting a long time for the latest installment in the Star Wars saga and let’s face it, Rian Johnson did not disappoint! The Last Jedi takes...

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Justice League – A Totally Biased Review

By: Mike Maizel (This post may contain spoilers) A lot can be said about DC’s Justice League. Some say it’s too choppy, some say it’s not original, and some say it’s an amazing movie. The only...
Thor Ragnarkok

Thor: Ragnarok: What did you think about the new Thor?

 (WARNING: This review contains some spoilers from Thor: Ragnarok) Thor: Ragnarok, what can I say? This movie was freaking amazing, I’d give it 10 out of 10 Goldblum’s. This is one of Marvel’s best...
tech trends

Will They or Won’t They? 2 Tech Items We’re Not Sure About Anymore

Tech trends, like the seasons, come and go. Nintendo, for example, hit a home run with the Wii remote, but also pitched a dud with the Power Glove. As consumers, it’s up to us...

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