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If you watch us often, you know we try and highlight the best apps for your phones and tablets. This game here is definitely no exception. It has been praised as a game with the best graphics on iOS, and it is called Radiation Island. We have logged hours playing this game.

The concept behind Radiation Island is that you are a soldier who is caught in an alternate dimension where Japanese soldiers have become zombies and numerous threats surround you. When you start the game you are taken through a simple tutorial to get you going. After that it is an amazing, intense, and terrifying survival horror adventure. You travel the island discovering different items that explain what you are doing here and how to get back to your dimension. You can explore the forest where you battle local wildlife including wolves, lions, and bears. You investigate old, decrepit villages and run down military compounds. Keep your wits about you and watch out, zombies abound and are trying to kill you. You can even dive and swim in the water, if you can avoid the hungry killer crocs, that is.

You have to remember this game is all about survival not just fighting enemies. To survive you must hunt animals, fish, and gather fruit to feed yourself. All this sounds easier than it is, as you have to craft weapons, tools, and basic vehicles if you want to make it back to your dimension alive. Experience the full day and night cycle and try and survive the cold darkness.

Radiation Island is available on iOS devices for a mere $2.99 so hop on over to the appstore to download it today.

For more information, visit “Atypicalgames.com/RadiationIsland


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