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GovernorWebsite content management can be a huge pain. If you have ever run a website, you have probably noticed that tools like WordPress are not as user friendly or even as aesthetically pleasing as they should be. If you don’t want to put the time into learning HTML or Java, you might just feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. For a proper solution to this conundrum, we think you should give Governor a look. With this software, you can tackle creating your website from the ground up. As a design platform for web developers, designers, and regular users, Governor is a simple but robust Content Management System that is intuitive as well.

From the designer or developer side, you can create and run numerous websites with ease and speed you have never seen before. You can start off by using one of their ready-made web templates or just import your own. From a brand perspective, you can use this cloud-based content management system to control and check on numerous websites from one dashboard. This gives you an efficient one stop shop so you don’t have to go back and forth from program to program to manger your content. The system has what are called “gov-tags” that developers can use to tag different elements. For instance, they can decide which ones they want to give their clients access to edit. This gov-tag function speeds up their projects immensely.

Along with these features you can be rest assured their analytics are on point providing you with detailed data. Analyze which sites are doing well or not so well, which are using the most bandwidth, and so on. With top-notch brand partnerships they have all kinds of modules to use in your web design too. Governor is invite only until August 1st when it opens to the public. If this seems like the content management system for you, go register for early access on their website today.

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