Sunday, May 15, 2022

Cascade 3000 – Bidets for Ease and Dignity

If you're frustrated with bathroom struggles you're not alone. Millions of people have difficulty getting completely clean in the bathroom. Well, Dignity Solutions is on a mission to solve this problem....

OurPact – Keep The Kids Safer from Intrusive Tech

So we obviously love technology here, bringing you the latest and greatest in cutting-edge solutions. But tech is also a double-edged sword. Now, as it continues to grow and embed itself...

MedTrans Go – Helping Efficiency for all Healthcare Providers

Cancellations are endemic across our entire healthcare system. Every year, the industry loses over $150 billion due to missed appointments. In addition, patients aren't able to access the care that they...

Shake Please – A Better Protein Smoothie

Smoothies chock-full of protein and other goodies are a great way to start the day, but not all smoothies are equal. Some either don't contain enough nutrients or just plain taste...

Apple’s Latest Update Is Good News for Mask-Wearers

Photo: MacRumors Everyone loves a new phone feature, but one that has felt almost necessary is Apple’s latest IOS 15.4 update. Inspired by the pandemic, the new update will allow Face ID...
video – Surrogacy is Hard, Expecting Makes it Easier! has created a free online surrogate database complete with an advanced search function and hundreds of available surrogates. Having just raised $1,000,000 in funding, they are ready to simplify the...

Novosbed – The Perfect Mattress for Everyone is Here

We all have our requirements for a good night's sleep and they vary wildly from person to person. There's no such thing as one mattress for everyone, or is there?

The Untangler – A Safe and Painless Way to Groom your Furry Ones

A healthy pet is a happy pet, and grooming, well, that's an absolute key to keeping your pet happy, unless the tools that you're using cause pain. Ouch! Why? Well, tools...

iFiiT – Keeping Track of What Matters

Information is vital in the health industry. Doctors need to see the full picture in order to make a proper diagnosis. Now in an increasingly paperless world, electronic medical records, or...

Dr. Dish – Chasing Rebounds Are A Thing Of The Past!

Dr. Dish Basketball is to the rescue with the first ever shooting machine designed for the home. Their top-of-the-line automatic basketball rebounding machines let you shoot up to 1000 balls an...

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