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Interested in getting awesome deals at your favorite casino locations?

Comp My Play is an entertainment app that is equivalent to Expedia but for casinos. It is a search engine that allows you to find the best deals for all casinos and stay connected with events, tournaments, and more. Although made for casino searches, this app finds offers for restaurant, golf, spa, club, hotel stay or gaming preferences as well.

All you have to do is download it and create a basic profile. Include your name, gaming, and comp interests like spas, golf, and shows. Having an app like Comp My Play saves search time when you are on the go and is easy and reliable to its users.

You can use it when you’re looking at making your next casino visit. This means casinos are competing for your business through comps and incentives. For example, book a two nights stay and get free tickets to your favorite show or $50 free play at the tables.

After deciding which offers you want to take advantage of, you select the “Generate Voucher” button and redeem the vouchers at the casino’s rewards desk or online.

Casinos can then reach out via push notifications with offers based on your likes and preferences if you’re in the area.

Comp My Play also has a Mobile Wallet feature that stores all your casinos’ loyalty cards in one place instead of carrying them around.

Research ahead by seeing a casino’s calendar of events on the drop down menu. Make sure to have reservations set for the next new car giveaway event!

With 53 casinos currently linked up you’ll find deals all over the country.

To download Comp My Play find it for free on iOS and Android devices or their website today.

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