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CalibraceIf you run a business or are in the HR industry then you know how difficult it can be to acquire talented workers.

It is a time consuming process to scan so much information with the end result of not even knowing whom you are going to choose or whether they are the right person for the job. More so, it is expensive.

Calibrace is the newest technological innovation that will help you discover the next future leaders of your business in a more efficient way. This talent Acquisition & Management Product is an intelligent selection and recruitment engine on the cloud that focuses on delivering the right hire in a timely fashion.

Using machine learning and network intelligence Calibrace busts through all of the complexity and handles all the data analysis for you in the talent acquisition and management process.

From the job description creation to posting on job boards all the way to the on-boarding process, Calibrace analyzes and provides contextually relevant recommendations to help you make your decision while keeping all the data sorted properly.

It also provides process automation and collaboration necessary to the hiring process. From the hiring manager, to the recruiter, to the employee welcoming the new hire. Sometimes different employees have different ideas of what they want or are expecting and Calibrace gets everybody on the same page.Calibrace NewsWatch

To go even further Calibrace has released a Google Chrome app called Calibrace Spring. It offers all the basic functions of Calibrace right through the app, making it more accessible. They even offer a free trial, no credit card required.

To start using Calibrace in your company today go to their website for information on pricing, how to get started, and how to download. The Calibrace Spring app is available from the Google Chrome webstore.

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