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AppWatch Review

The weight problem in this country is something that needs to be solved, and quick. Current statistics indicate that around 69% of adults over the age of 20 are over-weight. There are a lot of methods and tricks out there to help people lose weight but sometimes those result in an obsessive desire to slim down. That’s where Smartenfit comes in.

This health and wellness app is a companion to the book Smart People Don’t Diet by health psychologist Dr. Charlotte Markey a Health Researcher and Professor at Rutgers University. The book attained great reviews and with other diet approaches concentrating on counting specific calories and “micro-managing” your weight-loss, Smartenfit takes a more holistic, macro approach.

Features include a News Feed with tips and bits to inspire and motivate you. Notifications and reminders help get you on the right path without promoting obsessive behavior. Goal setting and attainment is a big part of what makes this app work so well.

The Healthier Options Database offers suggestions for alternative food options as well. Say you love chicken wings, Smartenfit will steer you towards more healthy options so you can make the better choice. The Photo Food Diary will allow you to snap photos of your meals so you can monitor your progress towards a healthier lifestyle.

Smartenfit is available for iOS for a mere $2.99. So head to the App Store and search for “Smartenfit” to download.


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