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AppWatch Review

Depending on who you are and the way you view life, it can be viewed as a series of events, no matter how trivial or significant. This is why many people love to document their experiences and take photos and videos to remember the events they experienced throughout their lives. Including those moments that seem dull or unimportant.

A great app for recording moments of your life is called Mapthology. Here’s how it works.  Once you’ve created a profile you drop a pin in any location on a map. Then you can date it, title it, or upload anything – such as a video or photo.  You can then share it and post it on other social media sites like Facebook.  Friends and family can even comment on Facebook or right through the Mapthology app. The Newsfeed section allows you to view and comment on other people’s posts as well. If you are not a map connoisseur and do not know where to drop a pin on the map, just hit the big red button and it will locate you. Or just plug in an address.

Mapthogoly allows its users to share a wide range of stories whether it be about world events, deeply personal stories, or funny things you may come across on your travels. It’s a fun way to keep track of memories and see what your friends and family are doing wherever in the world they may be.

Mapthology is available on iOS for free.  So drop in on the app store and download it today.


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