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Are you bored of using SnapChat and Facebook for your social media interactions? Are you starting to see a limit to your creativity? We are too. It might be time to spice things up just a little bit. We found a new kind of social media that is going to change the way you interact with your friends. Seriously, check out the app Chain.

Chain allows you to create and share video chains with all your friends. What is a video chain? That’s a great question. A video chain is a series of short video clips that have been chained together. Each clip can be up to one minute long and is ideally related to the others in some way. For example, you can record a video asking all your friends what their favorite movie is. Your friends then record a response. Everyone’s clip is then linked together into one video chain. Pretty cool, right? It is a fun way to get all your friends connected on one chain. Now if you want to fly solo on your video chain you can. Just record a series of video clips and chain them together. Make sure you get super creative with it and make it funny. You can literally do whatever you want, so why not? Have a ton of fun and share it with all your friends. You can create either private chains that only people in your network can see or you can create public chains for everyone’s eyes. What you do with this cool app is totally up to you.

Think you want to check out Chain? Chain is compatible with all iOS devices. You can download it for free by going to today.

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