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If you have been out on a stand-up paddle board then you know the sense of tranquility that comes with practically walking on water. Now we have a water sport company, Current Drives, taking paddle boarding to the next level with the ElectraFin.

If you like to paddle board, you really need to check this thing out. ElectraFin is the first electrically propelled conversion kit for stand-up paddle boards that allows you to go further and faster. This electric propulsion system requires absolutely no modification to your board. It mounts into the standard finbox of almost any paddle board and converts in less than a minute. By turning your stand-up paddle board into a human/electric-powered board, you can cover greater distances, much like an electric bike but on water instead.  So let’s say you are fighting strong winds or strong currents or are simply just trying to fish, the ElectraFin will help take the stress off paddling while it keeps you moving silently and with zero emission. This thing is seriously awesome and essential for anyone who loves to paddle board. It comes with a paddle mounted wireless remote so you can choose forward or reverse, and speed, with the touch of a button. The speed settings are amazing. Seriously, the adjustable speed settings allow you to choose from a leisurely, casual cruise or a “Mad Max: Watery Road” speed. And did we mention this thing is completely silent? The ElectraFin is a must-have for any paddle boarder out there.

So, do you think you are ready to eliminate the stress out of paddle boarding? Right now the ElectraFin is available for $1,625. For more information about the ElectraFin go to currentdrives.com/products/ElectraFin today.

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