STAMP – Easily Transfer Music Between Streaming Services | NewsWatch Review

App Review

We’re in the age of streaming music. CDs are a thing of the past and digital downloads seem to be headed in the same direction. With services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music we’re flying high. Now if you subscribe to more than one of these platforms there’s a good chance you’ve run into the headache of trying to manually move tracks and playlists from one service to the other. Well lucky for you we’ve found a solution to make it a whole lot easier. Check out Stamp.

Stamp allows for easy importing and exporting of your songs and playlists between popular streaming music services. Stamp has a proven record with millions of transferred tracks. All you have to do is select a source where you want to transfer music from – like Spotify or Google Play Music. Then select the destination. Meaning, one of the other streaming services. Now select the playlist, kick back and let Stamp do all the work. Currently you can import from Spotify, Google Play Music, YouTube, Apple Music, Rdio and Deezer. And you can upload or transfer to Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify and Excel. While the transfer is being done you can continue to use your device –  like your computer, phone or tablet.  Just make sure you don’t turn any of them off. Now there are a few ways to use the app. The basic version is free and allows you to move up to 10 songs per session. You can also pay for unlimited transfers between platforms or buy a bundle package.

If you do decide to buy a bundle you’re in luck because as a NewsWatch viewer you get a 20% discount when you use the code “NewsWatch.” Stamp is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices. Just head to your app store or today to download it.

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