Question: How do you feel about spending your Saturday afternoon locked in a room with a group of co-workers or friends as you try desperately to find a way out before you’re eaten by a zombie who’s getting closer and closer?

roomWell Room Escape Adventures provides that exact experience as part of an hour-long team-building exercise.

The idea behind the zombie-themed room escape is that if you can work as a team to stay alive, somewhere in that process you’ll find what it truly means to be a team member. Excuses and sneering comments tend to fall away as everyone realizes they have to be part of the solution to survive.

zombiesThe heart-pumping room escape starts with up to 12 participants locked in a room with a zombie chained to the wall. You must follow clues to solve puzzles leading you to a key that will open the door to freedom.

Sounds easy right? The catch is, this chained zombie doesn’t just stay stationary. Every 5 minutes a buzzer goes off and the chain is released another foot from the wall. Never mind that the zombie is just an actor in makeup, the immersive experience will get your adrenaline going and there’s a good chance you’ll forget the whole thing is basically just a show.

Now it’s more than likely that the first 10 minutes will be pure chaos as you set up proper leadership and get a real game plan going. And as it comes down to the wire and team members start dropping like flies (read: eaten by the zombie) you’ll really have to show whether you’re a survivor or not.

zombiessOnce it’s over the idea is the team will be tighter and have a clearer view of how they should operate together. This is especially useful when you’ve got new people in the company. “It was the perfect team-building event to connect with our new team members,” says Janelle Dobson of Teach For America.

Room Escape Adventures isn’t just for co-workers though. It’s promoted as a great idea for a date night, birthday or just a good time with friends. Hey, who doesn’t want to test out their apocalypse-surviving skills. Years of watching the Walking Dead was just training for this very moment.

They have locations throughout the U.S. in major cities like Boston, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

For more information on Room Escape Adventures check out their website at


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