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Now with the advent of the internet and smartphones you may have thought that board games were old news. But that’s not the case. In fact, board games are enjoying a renaissance. One board game that looks sure to become a new classic is The Game of 49 from Breaking Games.

In The Game of 49, players bid, budget, battle and buy their way to “four-in-a-row”. What does that mean?  Well, the object of the game is to place four of your chips in a row on the board either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Board spaces are auctioned off one by one, and to win a space you have to outbid the other players. Money is limited, and payoffs are unpredictable. The Game of 49 is family-friendly and plays two to five players, age 10 and up. In a time where screens dominate our attention it’s nice to rediscover the fun of playing a new board game face to face with family and friends.

Now, this might sound complex, but it is really easy to pick up the game and play with the whole family. However, once you get going you may find everyone’s aptitude and math skills improving. In fact, Breaking Games is known for creating many games that are accredited with being MENSA approved. The creators of such games as Letter Tycoon, Circular Reasoning, and 4 The Birds are an intelligent bunch who truly brings the education factor to games without being overbearing about it. Instead of a spelling or trivia game that is straight up teaching your kids and might not be entirely fun in the process, Game of 49 brings out their competitive spirit AND teaches life skills.

The Game of 49 is available for $19.99 at Target. You can pick it up at any Target store nationwide, head to, or go right to today.

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