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SignNow – Send Out Contracts and Agreements in Record Time | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report If you run a business and have to send out contracts and agreements for mobile completion, you know how frustrating and cumbersome some of the bigger names in the e-signature...

Rodio – Giving the Right Information to the Right People in a Timely Fashion...

Biz Report Communication among retail organizations can be challenging, as many retail employees are part-time and do not operate from a traditional desk. Corresponding via corporate email is no longer an effective...
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HR Answerbox – Helping Startups Achieve Their Own HR Personnel | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report HR is a vital part of a growing and successful business. It’s important that employees feel valued and know they have somewhere to turn when they need assistance. But that...

IntelliBid – Providing Estimates Faster with Detailed Accuracy | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report In the world of electrical and datacomm contractors, nothing creates more of a headache than having to produce estimates under pressure. The time and detail involved affect every other part...

Thinktiv – Inventing and Transforming Companies Nationwide | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Did you ever wonder where innovation comes from — like how do new companies spring into life? Or, how do mature brands stay hip and relevant? Thinktiv, located in Austin, Texas,...

Avaza – Cloud Project Management Software | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report If you’re trying to coordinate and balance all the details of team projects without the convenience of a project management tool, then you’re probably pulling your hair out. Well, don’t...

shopVOX – Web-based Solution Helping to Put Your Company into Auto-drive | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Here at NewsWatch, we’re on the continual hunt for solutions designed to assist any industry that’s in dire need of organization and streamlined management. One such business-saving solution that’s caught our...

foap – The High-Quality Images You Need for Your Business | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report If you go online or open any magazine, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of high-quality photos. So how do you make sure the photos you use for your company stand...

Neuromation – Synthetic Data Platform for Deep Learning Applications | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report There’s no fighting it, AI is the future of technology. Computing systems with advanced learning algorithms are revolutionizing new industries even as we speak. But let’s not be naïve. AI...

Humanscale – Helping to Better Yourself and Your Workspace | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report/CES The words “health” and “wellness” have become increasingly popular when discussing the workplace. Well, one company that’s had these words on their radar for the past 35 years is Humanscale. Here...
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