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Business to Business (B2B)

Business to Business (B2B)

Teamup Calendarvideo

Teamup Calendar for Groups – Share Plans, Schedule Events, and Communicate Statuses | NewsWatch...

AppWatch Being able to operate as a group is paramount to getting work done.  Most people have tried Google or Outlook calendars, but they’re just not group-focused. Check out Teamup Calendar. Teamup Calendar is...

Zillable – Online Collaboration Tool for Big or Small Businesses | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report The success of a company or a team is dependent on efficient organization and smooth communication. When these two factors go out the window we’re left with dropped balls, double...

RapidScale – Providing Managed and Hybrid Managed Cloud Services to Businesses | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Managed cloud services have quickly become a real option for businesses globally. With the reliability of the internet, companies are taking their IT needs to the cloud. But with that...

Soundog – The Center of Accessing Your Customers’ Needs | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report If you’ve ever managed a restaurant, then you know how easily your wait and kitchen staff can get in the weeds. Well, here’s solution that will help increase efficiency in your...
Real Greenvideo

Service Assistant – All-in-One CRM Solution to Grow Your Business | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report If you’re a lawn or pest control professional, you know that managing clients and employees is an uphill battle. What you need to stay on top of it all is...

DataX – Ensuring that Your Products’ Information Stays Current | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report You can buy almost anything online. In fact, online retailers can carry hundreds of thousands of products on their website at any given time. But how does an online retailer...

Sohonet – Making the Most of Your Media Workflow | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report If you work in the entertainment industry, you know that having everyone on the production team in the same geographic location makes it more effective to work on a project. Well,...

MailJack+ – Reading Addresses and Mailing Documents to Any Mailing List | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Sending mail to dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of addresses is laborious work.  From folding the paper to printing out the addresses to actually sealing the envelope, each step is...

Sellr – Helping Store Owners Engage Further with Their Shoppers | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Competing in the tech-driven retail landscape is a challenge. Store owners need a simple way to engage with their shoppers and promote products. Meet Sellr. Sellr is an easy to use, product...

Bannersnack – Helping Your Business Be Seen and Recognized | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report Banner ads are a key marketing tool to help grow your business. With your banner waving on social media and elsewhere on the internet, your business will appear front and...
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