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Consumer Report

Have you ever had a really bad experience with a company’s product or service but had no recourse to right the wrong? Of course you have. Well you don’t have to bottle it up anymore. Check out the website pissedconsumer.com.

Pissed Consumer allows you to publish your complaints and reviews and air your grievances about the company. Just select a title for your complaint and type it all up. Add any relevant photos or videos to support your claims. Then just hit submit to post it on the site. Now if you want to check out other reviews, Pissed Consumer will detect your location and find companies near you. Or you can search for the one you’re looking for. Each company on the site has stats like number of reviews, claimed losses, and number of issues resolved. Because let’s be honest – that’s what we want to know, does the company work to right their wrong? There’s also a section that allows you to compare companies if you’re looking to make a large purchase. Let’s say you’re interested in a new home security system. You can take two companies like Vivint and ADT and compare their ratings and complaints to see which one is the better of the two. Additionally, there are comments from people like you, regarding this comparison that gives you other customers’ perspective. Now, just because the site is called Pissed Consumer doesn’t mean it’s all negative. You can see what people liked – whether it be price or the product itself or the customer service. That way you can see their strong points as well.

To start using Pissed Consumer go to pissedconsumer.com today.

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