Courtesy by GoPro.

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By: Nick Gambino

Courtesy of GoPro
Courtesy of GoPro

GoPro has just announced the launch of their six-camera VR rig, Omni, on August 17th.

Unlike other jerry-rigged VR set-ups with GoPro cameras, the Omni was made specifically to record VR content.

It provides a cube-shaped house for six Hero 4 Black cameras, situated in the exact right position to record 360 degrees. This allows for the recording of major sports events, action shots and any number of other things that will then be experienced in virtual reality.

Courtesy of GoPro
Courtesy of GoPro

Now not only are all the cameras aligned just right, but they are all synced up to act as one. Each one of the Hero 4 Black cameras are plugged into the same central system that links them all up even down to the pixel rate. The accompanying remote features one button to get all 6 cameras recording at the same time.

This makes it hella easy during editing to stitch all the videos together for a true immersive playback. GoPro has developed software specifically for the Omni which simplifies stitching even further by automatically syncing all the footage together once imported from each camera.

You can then preview each stitched together clip and make any edits needed. From there you’re ready to export it to YouTube, Facebook etc. in 2K, 4K or 8K.

Courtesy of GoPro
Courtesy of GoPro

Sounds great doesn’t it? Well it looks to be that way except for one slight detail – the Omni will run you $5,000. In non-rich people terms, that’s more money than you’d ever rationally drop for a single camera rig.

Now, that’s the thing, it’s not being marketed to the consumer with a price tag like that. In fact, this is a relatively cost-effective solution for professionals to record 360-degree videos. This kind of set-up would work great for HD recording of sporting events, conferences, etc.

In case that price is still a bit hefty for you, GoPro is selling a prorated version of the Omni for $1,500 if you already have at least six Hero 4 Black cameras. Only problem with that is you won’t get a software license or as much equipment as you would with the $5,000 rig.

GoPro will start shipping the Omni on August 17th.

What are your thoughts on the GoPro Omni rig? Too expensive or a cost-effective solution for professional productions?

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