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App Review

If you play an instrument or sing, this app is for you. EarMaster is a software and app that walks you through the basics of music theory and teaches you how to play by ear and read sheet music. With over 2,000 exercises covering ear training, sight singing, and rhythm, there’s almost nothing you won’t cover and learn. The key to EarMaster is simplicity that means you won’t run into confusing sections, which is what you might find in a music textbook. With EarMaster you can customize the exercises so you practice the way you want and track the detailed statistics to see how you’re progressing.

EarMaster is an interactive app that allows you to plug in a microphone or MIDI keyboard and play, sing or clap answers in real-time. To practice rhythmic sight reading you’ll tap a rhythm right on the screen. Pitch recognition has also been incorporated so you can get feedback on how you’re doing. The app is relevant for musicians of any and all levels!

As a testament to its popularity there are currently thousands of schools across the world using EarMaster including the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to advanced options, music theory and understanding the basics of music are included in the app for beginners. EarMaster knows that that music may be the universal language but the iPad version is also available in English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese (Simplified).

The App comes free with 2 workshops and the first section of the beginner’s course. You can then buy more lessons as you go and learn more. Search for EarMaster in the App Store today to get started on your music journey.

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