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As summer draws to a close, school is on everyone’s mind. Many high school seniors have already started their search for the right college. Here’s an app to help them out. Schoold is the #1 free college search app, with over 3,000 colleges and hundreds of majors and careers that makes searching for a college easy, fun, and mobile.

With Schoold, you can ask their experts any college or career related question for free, which definitely helps simplify and clarify the process. It beats paying $150 an hour or more to an independent college consultant. In the app, you can even chat with Student Ambassadors from colleges on the app who can give you their personal perspective and do Snapchat tours of the campus. But Schoold goes a step further. It’ll also help you find financial aid and scholarships specific to the school and major you choose. And Schoold recommends majors and careers that would be a good match for you – all with step-by-step instructions on how to go about pursuing a particular occupation. This means that students can have an interactive experience in picking a college even if a campus visit is not an option for them. They can include their parents in the discussions and get live answers at home instead of in their counselor’s office. The Schoold app opens up lines of communication between the college and the potential students, giving them real time and real life answers to all of their questions and truly helping them find and fund the school of their dreams.

So, if you’re searching for colleges, deciding on a majors, or know anyone that could use help navigating the process, download the app now. Schoold is available for free on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. Just go to your app store or to download it today.

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