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If you’re in the professional world, you probably use Microsoft Office to some capacity. While it’s a great tool, it does have its limitations. Have you ever tried to transfer information from Excel to PowerPoint? Yeah, it’s annoying, time-consuming, and inefficient. Well, here’s a solution. It’s called OfficeReports and it’s a reporting tool that increases the functionality in your Office Suite.

Say you have sales statistics or survey results in tables in Excel and you want to show that information in PowerPoint. All you do is link the Excel workbook to the presentation and from the OfficeReports menu, link the Excel data ranges, and everything will be updated on your presentation to all types of tables, charts and shapes in PowerPoint. When you go back and update something in the worksheet spreadsheet later on, like data covering a new period, OfficeReports will automatically update texts, colors, numbers and images in the PowerPoint presentation. Simple as that. Now OfficeReports is loaded with other features, including a fully featured crosstab tool for survey data in Excel, which can connect data, like SurveyMonkey information, directly to your Office Suite. The OfficeReports plug-in makes the analyzing and reporting of data in the Office Suite so much easier.

OfficeReports even has some higher level, more custom features if that’s what you need. Their customized layouts use macro integration to ensure that your data is portrayed in the correct way. You do have to have some VBA programming knowledge for this feature but OfficeReports’ supportive staff can also customize this for you. If your business has changing sets of data, OfficeReports can automate the production of those reports. They can even do all of the reporting for you if you are too busy or just simply prefer to have your reports delivered to you.

So, you can try OfficeReports for free for 14 days. After that, you can sign up for one of their monthly or annual plans. To learn more, head to

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