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We live in a technologically driven world.  If we want our future generations to succeed, we must ensure all students have the skills and knowledge that match the career opportunities available to them.  Developing this knowledge begins in the classroom; practicing the skills happens in the community. That’s where the Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP) comes in.

With a long tradition of advancing opportunities in the world of science, technology, engineering, and math – also known as STEM– AEOP is helping students, especially from underserved communities, participate in real-world STEM experiences, from the classroom to paid internships to competitions. AEOP is breaking down stereotypes of who pursues STEM careers and what those jobs are all about with programming for students from elementary school through graduate school, including students of all proficiency levels, interests, and social and economic backgrounds. Programs are designed to engage the next generation of diverse innovators in meaningful, real-world STEM exploration, including the chance to work side by side with world-class scientists and engineers in research labs. AEOP believes that expanding student access to quality STEM experiences is the key to creating a thriving U.S. economy for today and tomorrow.

AEOP is geared towards students who have shown an interest in STEM and are making strides in these subjects.  Students who have a clearer understanding of what STEM pathways look like will be well on their way to a fulfilling and successful career.

AEOP works to ensure participants get a deeper understanding of the breadth of STEM careers and have a good time doing it.  AEOP works with under-served communities to ensure our growing STEM workforce is inclusive and diverse. AEOP also supports teacher development in STEM to ensure educators are prepared to support student success.

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