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Drones are wildly popular these days. But there hasn’t been one drone that’s taken the consumer market by storm. Well, PowerVision Technology Group, a worldwide leader in robotics and big data technologies, may change that with the PowerEgg. PowerEgg is – you guessed it – an egg-shaped drone that’s designed with the consumer in mind.

The PowerEgg comes with a one-handed, gesture-based remote control, the PowerEgg Maestro. It’s the first of its kind and allows the user complete control of the drone.

The PowerEgg also has a 23-minute maximum flight time and an integrated 4K UHD camera with panoramic 360 degree views on a 3-axis gimbal, so you’ll always get those professional-looking videos and images.

And if you want to set up your shot, you can use one of PowerEgg’s several automated flight modes – called PowerModes – like the Follow Me mode or Selfie mode. The PowerEgg makes capturing drone footage a sync.

The PowerEgg combines cool form with excellent function. It’s interesting egg shape and innovative engineering create a powerful personal camera drone that also conveys elegance and aesthetic.

According to them they are “Built to enhance your lifestyle, PowerEgg, through the use of its industry first Maestro gesture based controller, is easy to fly for experts and beginners alike – right out of the box. Maestro interprets your arm movements in real time, allowing you to conduct the drone’s location in the sky.

Coupled with our iOS or Android flight app, PowerEgg delivers powerful autonomous flight modes that help you capture those special moments; be it wakeboarding on the lake, your kids at the park, or dancing on the beach at sunset – PowerEgg is the ultimate accessory to enhance your lifestyle.”

Now, the PowerEgg is currently available for pre-order, so head to store.powervision.me to learn more today.

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