NABUFIT – Interactive Fitness App | NewsWatch Review


Have you ever dreamed about working out with Neymar Jr, Peter Schmeichel or other sport stars? It’s only natural to idolize world class athletes. But very few – from beginners to professionals – have the opportunity to interact with their idols. Well, not anymore. NABUFIT is a fitness app that offers free workouts with sport stars on your phone.

NABUFIT has workouts, developed by top Physiotherapists, the world’s best athletes, and personal trainers that’ll benefit you. Say you want to up your kettle ball routine – you can head to the app where there’s a series of streaming workout videos just for you. And there’s also workouts for anything you may be interested in, from strength training to cardio and many other possibilities. There are different levels of training that you can naturally progress through from warm up, cardio, strength, equipment training and all the way down to a quick 10 minutes workout.  But as many athletes know, working out and training can only do so much – you also need to eat like a pro. So that’s why users can follow the stars’ nutrition plans.

They even have a really cool new feature that makes the experience even more interactive. “NABUFIT is a user driven portal. That’s why we are giving 2000 people from 
around the world the opportunity to continuously try and test the functionalities
in the NABUFIT training portal before everyone else. We call these people 
our Influencers.

Get the chance to be selected for the NABUFIT test group.

As an influencer you will:

  • Be able to give feedback to the design and functionality of the NABUFIT portal.
  • Be among the first to try the latest workout functionalities.
  • Influence the future development of the NABUFIT training portal.”

NABUFIT is available for free on iOS and Android devices. So, if you want to work out like a pro, head to today or download the app in your appstore.

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