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These days environmentally-friendly agriculture solutions are becoming more and more popular. Jiffy International is a company leading the way.

Headquartered in Norway but operating globally in countries like Canada, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the U.S., Jiffy supplies environmentally friendly propagation systems, growing containers, hydroponic systems, and substrates for the horticultural industry. By using renewable resources and bio-based materials like peat, coir, pulp, and other bio-mass they help the environment instead of harming it. Now beyond what they do environmentally, what really sets Jiffy apart is the fact that they control the entire production chain. That includes harvesting, packing, shipping and anything else needed to deliver the final product. And they don’t use any third-party companies along the line. That means the consumer knows exactly what kind of products to expect and there aren’t any surprises because someone else along the chain decided to get “clever.” Jiffy also deals in substrates and is building a new state-of-the-art substrate facility in the Netherlands called 1Plant to accompany the new facility in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  This brand-new facility houses all modern technology to ensure the production of quality substrates.

By combining admirable goals with actual practices they have found a healthy and environmentally friendly way to operate every day. So, their long term carbon footprint will be far less than any other similar company of it’s size. “Jiffy abides by the highest standards both safeguarding the environment as well as providing the highest quality, in many cases certified products, to its customer. The professional grower of today relies on the best technical assistance for the products chosen as inputs in their businesses.
Our Account Managers have all solid backgrounds and experience in the horticultural industry and have the knowledge to provide professional answers to tough application questions, backed-up by Jiffy Product Managers, having an integral knowledge of each of the products Jiffy supplies.
Our Customer Service departments based in the Netherlands and the USA provide the service and support our customers need.
Additional regional and local Jiffy distributors’ worldwide offer nearby sources for our product line almost anywhere in the world. Superior products, prompt service and technical support on a global scale to the horticultural industry, that is what Jiffy is about.” See, even their website spells out exactly what kind of quality you can expect from Jiffy and that’s why we chose to highlight them as a business to look out for!

For more information on Jiffy head to jiffygroup.com.

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