Sole Patches – Adhesive Foot Comfort | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Whether you wear heels for work or you just like them to dress up an outfit at night, ladies know just how painful it is to wear them. But with all the technology we have these days, shouldn’t women be able to look good and feel good at the same time? Well, here’s the solution. It’s called Sole Patches.

Sole Patches are adhesives that stick to the balls of your feet or your heels. All you have to do is peel back the sticker, apply them to your feet, and slip on your shoes. Unlike similar solutions, these apply directly to the areas you experience pain. What also sets Sole Patches apart is that they’re made with medical-grade adhesive, allowing you to stick them directly onto your feet so you have the option to switch shoes multiple times per day! So you can wear them with your pumps at work and stilettos while dancing. And if you want a permanent solution, you can also stick them directly in your shoe. These are a super effective solution for the person that wants to walk the extra block or mingle a little longer at a party.

They even have anti-moisture, antimicrobial, and anti-odor properties to them so you don’t need to worry about anything gross going on when you do finally slip out of your killer heels at the end of the day or night.

Sole Patches are available in packs of 6 for $9.95 online. So if you want to learn more, head to today.

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