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For truckers and shippers to be successful, they have to work in an efficient and well-oiled system. Unfortunately, this isn’t often the case. Here’s a useful app to solve the problem. It’s called HaulHound.

HaulHound is a free tool that acts as a time and money-saving service for both shippers and truckers. It brings them into a unified marketplace where carriers and owner-operators can deal directly with shippers and brokers. Freight brokers and Shipping Managers can then quickly access the open marketplace and find the best prices. They save time and money by searching thousands of sites, carriers, and owner-operators simultaneously at no cost. On the other hand, owner-operators maximize their profits by posting their current and future capacity and backhauls for free. Large fleets maximize their efficiency by integrating with HaulHound – so posting and un-posting capacity is automatic and in real-time. And again, the best part of the whole thing is it’s completely free and there are no hidden fees. It’s as simple as going to the website and beginning your free search or downloading the free app to post available truck capacity.

Haul Hound also benefits freight brokers by allowing them to quickly access one of the largest marketplaces of load boards, carriers, and owner-operators with powerful tools that allow you to customize your search and find the most reliable carriers at the best prices – at no cost to them.

Visit HaulHound.com today or head to the App Store or Google Play store to download the HaulHound trucker app.

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