Thursday, March 21, 2019
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LAUT Germanyvideo

LAUT – More Than Just a Pretty Case | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update/CES We pretty much all have the same phones, so how are we supposed to express our individuality through our electronic devices? Well, that’s an easy one. Phone cases. In fact, we...
Vital Scoutvideo

Vital Scout – Monitor Your Heart and Respiratory Rate with This Wireless Wearable |...

Tech Report/CES Fitness wearables are all the rage these days, more and more people are caring more about wellness and health maintenance. But the regular fitness wearables calculating steps and calories burned...

SNAAPPY – 3D Augmented Reality Messages | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch/CES Augmented reality was one of the hottest trends at CES 2018. One company that’s making waves in this department is SNAAPPY, a new AR communications platform. https://vimeo.com/251344662 With geo AR messages – location...

Reasons to Be into the Online Casino Business

What is the past, present, and future of online gambling? Is the online casino industry going to fully replace land-based casinos with their chic atmosphere and expensive look in the next...
LG Robotics

LG Announces 3 New Robots Ahead of CES

By: Nick Gambino From the looks of it, LG wants to be known as the home of the practical robot. They’ve just announced the addition of 3 new robots to their CLOi...

5 Trends We’ll See at CES 2018

By: Bryan Tropeano With the largest and most exciting tech show of the year upon us, we here at NewsWatch are packing our bags and checking our flight itineraries as we prep ourselves...

Most Exciting CES 2018 Robots

By: Nick Gambino Whether robots in the future are going to make our lives easier as an electronic servant wired to do our bidding or if the little machines with personality will...

Navisphere Carrier – Truckload Booking App | NewsWatch Review

Tradeshow Central C.H. Robinson is one of the world’s largest third party logistics providers. They provide logistics services, fresh produce sourcing and Managed Services to 110,000 customers throughout North America, South America,...

EasyJake – Jake Brake Multifunction Switch | NewsWatch Review

Tradeshow Central Truck drivers are an essential part of our economy and are the fuel that keeps this country plugging along. That’s why when a product comes along that works to keep...

Fleet Complete – GPS Fleet Tracking | NewsWatch Review

Tradeshow Central Nowadays, deliveries are expected to be done quicker than ever before, creating dependace on highly efficient transportation fleets. Currently, there’s a huge shift in the trucking industry, where new laws...
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New AirPods Announced with Wireless Charging

By: Nick Gambino Apple has been teasing second-generation AirPods for a while and now they’re finally here. Though I’m not sure it was so much...

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