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The human body has more than 20,000 genes within its DNA. Each of these genes contains the code needed to make one or more proteins. But sometimes a problem arises where the body begins making too much or too little of a protein. These abnormalities have been linked to Cardiovascular disease, cystic fibrosis, and even cancer.  But what if you could enable the human body to correct its own genetic diseases impacting millions of people?

“The idea first came in the Spring of 2013, we thought we could help the body to heal itself with a certain technology to deliver a special type of medicine. And on September 22nd, it was a Sunday morning (I remember it very well because it was 7am) my co-founder gave me a call and told me to check my email. I looked at it and I saw the data for the first time and I knew, I knew that we were going to change the world, that we were actually going to impact the lives of millions of people with this technology.” Joseph E. Payne, President and CEO, Arcturus Therapeutics.

“Arturus’ company motto, Building Life, owns a proprietary chemistry and delivery technology that triggers cells within our body to produce various enzymes and proteins that were previously considered ‘un-drug-able’ by the pharmaceutical industry.” Pad Chivukula, COO & CSO, Arcturus Therapeutics.

It’s now possible through innovations in the field to edit genes in order to remove these abnormalities or mutations. By delivering gene editing tools in the cells, RNA can build enzymes to cut and replace DNA mutations with a healthy sequence, thus treating the disease on a genetic level. That is why Arcturus created their patented Lunar delivery system to ensure gene editing tools are delivered directly into the targeted cells.

This breakthrough technology is helping to build life, one gene at a time. For more information on Arcturus and their stellar UNA and LUNAR technology, go to today.

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