Source – Organized, Easy Reading App | NewsWatch Review


If you’re a big reader like us, maybe you have a hard time sifting through the online clutter to find articles you actually care about. Between social media, aggregators, and email newsletters there’s a firehose of content out there, somebody’s going to get hurt. For a saner alternative, check out Source.

Source lets you find, organize, and share what you’re reading with others. It allows you to save or share any article from the web, create boards to organize your reading, and work with people who care about the same topics.  All articles are curated by you so it’s a true reflection of your views and things that pique your interest. And the longer you use Source, the better it gets at helping you discover new articles you’ll love. There’s even an offline function that allows you to read no matter where you are at any time – internet connection or not. Source is a place for real conversations about the articles you care about, with the people you care about. Understanding your reading habits is easy by allowing you to track what you are reading and where it came from. Scroll through articles posted by your peers or use their intuitive platform to find new reading material tailored to you. Offline reading allows you to catch up on your daily reading wherever you are, on the ground or in the air.

You can download Source from the Google Play or App Store for free today. And for even more information on the app head to

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