D-Curve – Innovative Ski Gear | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you love skiing and snowboarding, then you likely love the way you look in ski goggles.   But you probably hate how goggles are a breeding ground for bacteria which irritate your skin. D-Curve understands and they came into the market and changed everything.

Blending style, function, and safety, D-Curve goggles feature the world’s first removable, washable and reusable snow goggle foam while at the same time expanding peripheral view… making sure your vision and comfort are on the top of the list when hitting the slopes. The 3-layer goggle foam is made with natural material that deodorizes, comforts, and stimulates antibiosis. This results in a bacteria-free zone on your goggle foam, protecting your skin. So whether you build up sweat or accumulate makeup, sunscreen or facial oils, it’s as simple as removing, washing, and reusing the foam. And as mentioned, D-Curve goggles provide increased vision and use NASA lens technology to protect your eyes from UV rays and harmful blue light.

Once you remove your goggles, you’re going to want to continue looking good and protecting your eyes, so make sure you wear a pair of D-Curve’s state of the art Bio Titanium Sunglasses which use the same advanced lens technology. Whether you choose the sunglasses or the goggles, know you’re going to look great because their designs are downright sexy. To complete your look, add a safe and stylish D-Curve helmet that works perfectly in tandem with the goggles.

You can pick up the snow goggles and sunglasses by heading to dcurve.com today.

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