Ever – Mobile Pic Storage | NewsWatch Review


There’s nothing more annoying than recording something on your iPhone only to get that irritating notice once you stop, letting you know there’s not enough space to save it, right? Well, if you want to save space on your phone so that never happens, then you’ll love one of the most popular photo apps of 2016 – Ever.

Ever backs up your photos across all devices, placing them in one location you can access from anywhere.  This easy-to-use app is perfect, even for those who aren’t entirely tech savvy. It is the most comprehensive option on the market, allowing you to pull photos from emails, Facebook, Instagram, camera roll, Flickr, and more. Once your photos are in the Ever APP they remain private and locked away until you’re ready to share them with friends and family.  You can even protect these high-resolution backups with an extra layer of security by using a personal passcode. The app also sports an automatic backup feature every time you take a photo or record a video.  Everything about Ever is simple and easy and fun. Daily throwbacks and flipbook animations reintroduce you to your favorite memories.  Hey – there’s a reason Wired magazine called it “a challenge to Google and Dropbox.” And we must say we agree with that.

You can download the free version of Ever or buy Ever Plus for $9.99 for full resolution. Head to the App Store and search for “Ever” to download it today.

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